Equestrian events and festivals in British towns and villages


Not only casinos not on gamstop, but also equestrian events and festivals have long been an integral part of British culture, showcasing the nation’s deep love of horses and horsemanship. Set in picturesque towns and charming villages across the UK, these events offer a unique combination of things such as:

  • tradition; 
  • entertainment; 
  • community spirit. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of equestrian excellence, highlighting the best equestrian events and festivals in British towns and villages and detailing each one.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show, located in the heart of Windsor, Berkshire, is a true spectacle that captures the essence of British horsemanship. Held annually in the grounds of Windsor Castle, this event is a demonstration of equestrian excellence at its very best. 

Featuring world-class dressage, show jumping and carriage riding competitions, the Royal Windsor Horse Show attracts equestrian enthusiasts from around the world. The splendour of the setting and the involvement of the Royal Family make this event a must-see for anyone with a passion for horses and British equestrian heritage.

Cheltenham Festival: A racing extravaganza

Cheltenham, a charming town in Gloucestershire, is home to one of the most prestigious events in the racing calendar, the Cheltenham Festival. This four-day horse racing extravaganza, which usually takes place in March, boasts a host of exciting competitions, including the famous Cheltenham Gold Cup. 

With its rousing atmosphere and historic racecourse, the festival attracts both experienced punters and novices looking to experience the thrill of National Hunt horse racing. The unique combination of history, hospitality and first-class horse racing makes Cheltenham a must-visit destination for equestrian enthusiasts.

Blair Castle International Horse Trials: A Scottish gem

Head to the north of Scotland, to Blair Atholl, and you’ll discover the Blair Castle International Horse Trials, a hidden gem in the world of equestrian sport. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Blair Castle, this event combines equestrian competition of the highest calibre with the rich history and natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands. 

From dressage to cross country, this is a delightful equestrian weekend for the whole family. Explore the picturesque grounds, observe the grace of horse and rider and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this Scottish equestrian treasure.

New Forest and Hampshire County Fair: A Rural Delight

For a quintessentially British rural experience, head to the New Forest and Hampshire County Show in Brockenhurst. Held annually in July, this event celebrates New Forest’s equestrian heritage and includes a host of rides. From show jumping competitions to heavy horse demonstrations, there’s something for every horse lover. 

But it’s not just about the horses – the event showcases the best of British farming, cookery and crafts, making it the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Experience the warmth of rural hospitality and the charm of New Forest in one delightful package.

Badminton Horse: An Equestrian Classic

Situated in the heart of Gloucestershire, Badminton House Castle is home to the Badminton Horse Trials, a classic equestrian competition that tests the skill and bravery of riders and their companions. Held annually in early May, these competitions are a true celebration of equestrian excellence in a picturesque rural setting. 

From elegant dressage to a thrilling cross-country stage and thorough show jumping, the Badminton Horse Trials offer comprehensive equestrian entertainment for spectators and competitors alike. Explore the magnificent parklands surrounding Badminton House and witness the epitome of excellence in equestrian sport.

Appleby Horse Fair: A Gypsy Tradition

In the picturesque village of Appleby-in-Westmorland, you can experience a different side of equestrian culture at the Appleby Horse Fair. This centuries-old tradition brings together Gypsy and nomadic communities for:

  • horse trading; 
  • parades; 
  • colourful festivities. 

Held annually in early June, the fair is a unique cultural experience that allows you to see the deep connection between nomads and their horses. It is a wonderful blend of tradition, community and admiration for horses, providing a glimpse into a rich and enduring way of life.


The towns and villages of the UK offer a variety of equestrian events and festivals that will appeal to any equestrian enthusiast. From the regal elegance of the Royal Windsor Equestrian Club to the rustic charm of New Forest and the county show of Hampshire, there is something for every Briton.