Publisher’s Note: The Fashion Issue

Shawn McMillen Photography

BY Piper Klemm

What is in fashion this September? To do every little thing right that you can, to accept consequences for mistakes that you make, and to do good for your horses and community in any way you can.

Our community needs to better itself, plain and simple. It is your responsibility, it is my responsibility, it is every one of our responsibilities. We do better with little things. We help out where we can see. Pick up after yourself at the barn. Pick up after yourself at home. Pick up after yourself in public.

Lend a hand where you can. Spread compliments and cheer. Think about your demands and if they make the people around you better. Invest in the right people doing the right thing over the long term. Think about where you spend your money.

Think about why you are doing something, what you might want out of your horse show, and if it is in your horse’s best interest to compete. Think about the long-term. Think about whether you are burning out your people.

No matter who we are and what we’ve done in this industry, we can all make small improvements as horsemen and women. Incremental improvements can add up to big changes. The horse comes first. This fall, let’s all practice what we preach.

Piper Klemm, Ph.D.TPH Publisher

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