Ehrin Rittmueller Utilizes BoneKare in Both Barn and Medical Practice 

The name Four Winds Equine is synonymous with equine health and training at the top level of the sport. The Four Winds name comprises both Four Winds Equine Hospital and Four Winds Farm, a top-tier training facility where professional Ehrin Rittmueller heads the charge. Rittmueller is a staple in the equestrian industry, commonly frequenting prestigious shows across the U.S. and known for producing top young horses, and while she can mostly be found in the saddle, she has been involved with the family’s hospital throughout her life and has rehabbed many herself.

She first learned about the product from BoneKare USA founder Jay Golding, a close friend of the family and a tried and true believer of the product’s benefits. 

“Jay provided us with a lot of enlightening research on the product works both in an extended-care format and in terms of overall bone support,” stated Rittmueller.

After careful review and experimentation, BoneKare has become a staple in both her training business and in the recovery of several of the hospital’s patients. 

“I have a couple of horses in our training business that are currently on the product to help recovery from bad bone bruises,” she added. “One horse in particular will definitely be staying on it for the rest of his life. In the clinic my dad had a horse that had a broken coffin bone and we used BoneKare to get that horse back. He did return to full work and we feel that the product helped him heal faster than one would normally expect for that type of injury.” 

BoneKare is the only supplement of its kind on the market. Recommended by users and veterinarians alike, the product is beneficial to horses in various scenarios including – 

  • Horses whose daily diet lacks fresh, quality green pastures
  • Horses with neck, shoulder and back issues
  • Horses with pre-existing or at-risk of bone disorders and injuries
  • Broodmares in foal
  • Post-surgical and healing horses
  • Developing and aging equines
  • Have competition lifestyles
  • Have bone bruising and/or soreness from artificial footing

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