Ringside Pro and Athletic Equestrian Partner on Membership Management Platform

Picture courtesy of Athletic Equestrian

Edited Press Release
Plymouth, NH (September 16, 2023)—Athletic Equestrian and Ringside Pro announce their partnership with the Athletic Equestrian League Membership Management Platform. Ringside Pro, an industry leader in equestrian software solutions and the Athletic Equestrian League (AEL), a riding league for 1st-12th graders and adults, have partnered to produce this online solution to manage the AEL membership.

Sally Batton, a collegiate coach for over 35 years, founded the AEL in 2010 to provide competition that was more objective in nature than subjective. Emma Fass founded Ringside Pro in 2019 with the goal of creating software for all types of horse shows that would be easy to use and affordable. “Emma was able to build our membership site and tailor it directly for the AEL which has been huge for us,” says Jenna Boillotat Upson, the AEL Membership and Marketing Director. “We’ve used membership platforms in the past that were designed for other sports and they just didn’t have the features that we needed.”

Emma Fass rode competitively as a child which transitioned to competing on the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association Equestrian team at the University of Virginia. After college she was working as a software engineer when she saw the need for online horse show management in her local area and Ringside Pro was born. “This partnership with AEL is incredibly meaningful to me. The AEL mission is something I really believe in and I know will prepare the next generation of equestrians. Sally is an icon in our industry and both she and Jenna have a vision for innovation in the equestrian world. I’m excited for the future because we hope to use some of the other features on the Ringside Pro Platform such as an online entry tool and point standings.”

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Athletic Equestrian is the organization that oversees the Athletic Equestrian League, Athletic Equestrian Clinics, The Athletic Equestrian book and the upcoming book Equicize published by Horse and Rider Books.

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Ringside Pro offers online riding clinics, online entry software, mass SMS text message communication software and membership management software.