Do All Horse Owners Gamble?

The relationship between horses and people is based upon 4000+ years of interaction, and mutual evolution. Next to the dog, the horse has often been called man’s best friend, and for good reason. The horse has helped us till the land, establish communication and contact, and advance travel. In other words, the horse has had an integral role in shaping all of human civilization.

However, horses have also played a huge role in entertainment. From performances, to races, to pageant shows, and more, we’ve been using horses for fun, pretty much as early as their domestication. Throughout history, they’ve also become a sort of status symbol of opulence and wealth. Of course, a sport that combines entertainment and status is horse racing. Prompting many to ask the question, are all horse owners gamblers?

Well, are they?

The answer is, of course, no. There are plenty of reasons that one might want to own a horse. Before we get to some of those reasons, it is worth discussing the link between horses and gambling. Obviously, that link was established during the 1800s, mainly because of the huge popularity of horse racing. 

Horse racing is one of the most popular betting sports, even today. Online casinos and sportsbooks pay very close attention to the world of horse racing, and set up odds that will appeal to the average bettor. Many online casinos even create slot games based on horse racing. You can find the full guide on online casinos by clicking the provided link, especially if you want a complete overview of no KYC casinos.

Now that we are aware that not all horse owners gamble, the question is this: “why else might one own a horse?” In this article, we are going to look at a few reasons why somebody might be a horse owner, other than for racing purposes. 


We talked before about the horse’s role in shaping human civilization. One of the most important roles that the horse played was in the development of agriculture. Today, the horse has largely been replaced by machines, such as tractors. However, not every farmer can afford a machine, and some still prefer using beast of burden. One reason somebody might own a horse is because they need the animal to do their work. 


There is just something about riding a horse that you can’t experience doing anything else. The wind in your hair, the powerful beast between your legs, and the seemingly-endless track before you just instill a feeling of freedom. Many claim that they’ve felt something similar while riding a bike or driving a car. However, machines lack the empathetic bond that a horse and human can feel.

Horses as Pets

Finally, somebody might just love horses as most people love cats, dogs, or mice. Of course, not everyone can keep a horse as a pet, as they require a lot of maintenance, free space, and a good deal of cash goes into their care. That is why it is mostly high-class, rich folks who keep horses as pets. Nevertheless, it is a reason why someone might want to own a horse.

Piper Klemm

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