BoneKare USA Believers Head to the Pan American Games

A collection of the equestrian sport’s top athletes are headed to the Pan American Games this coming week, and BoneKare USA is proud to send best wishes and congratulations to four of these elite pairings who are also strong #bonekarebelievers. 

BoneKare believer Amy Millar

BoneKare USA is a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement designed to promote healthy bone formation, density, and repair as well as help support the complicated system of joints and tissues making up the equine athlete. Strictly regulated and competition-safe worldwide, BoneKare’s key ingredient lies in the KQ ingredient which boasts a water-soluble and bio-available form of Vitamin K1. From bone bruises to soft tissue injuries, the supplement has proven to be beneficial to horses across age and discipline that lack sufficient turnout time in Vitamin K1 rich paddocks. The company has achieved an impressive list of happy customers from breeders, to pleasure riders, to top-level competition athletes and looks forward to seeing several of these riders head to such a prestigious event. 

BoneKare believer Christian Simonson

“We are so excited and proud to be a part of the success of these incredible athletes,” stated BoneKare USA’s founder Jay Golding. “These horses work extremely hard to get to this level, and we are honored to be able to be a part of the support team that keeps them feeling their best.” 

BoneKare believer Kate Flett

BoneKare USA’s recognized athletes heading to the Games will include showjumping’s McLain Ward and Amy Millar, and dressage talents Kate Flett and Christian Simonson.