Introducing the America Cryo PEMF/Laser Dual Device


BY Summer Grace

America Cryo has become synonymous with innovative healing and therapeutic technologies for both humans and horses. Combining experience for manufacturing logistics with a background through Grand Prix show jumping, America Cryo founder Florian Moreno has been on a mission to advance the health of athletes in both human and hoof. Morero believes all horses should have access to the best care and works diligently to bring healing instruments to the general market at the most affordable price available, many of which include rentals and payment plans. 

The PEMF/Laser Dual Device allows caretakers to literally double their time—both aspects can run together or separately to maximize blood flow and healing to both prevent injury and accelerate recovery. The PEMF portion of the device has proven to be twice as powerful as other devices, and is the first to feature a tri-wave laser. Combined together, these devices address soft tissue injuries, osteoarthritis, and post-work recovery for all types of equine athletes. 

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