Equestrian Revolution: Fair Prices, Unparalleled Quality at Prīmī’s 3rd Edition!

Welcome to the thrill of Prīmī – First in Line’s third edition – an unparalleled celebration of equine magnificence!

The Concept:

Prīmī stands apart by redefining the equestrian sale experience. No auctions, no uncertainties. Instead, we offer a first come, first served basis on a carefully selected collection of top-tier horses.

Why the Hype?

The overwhelming response to our previous editions speaks volumes. Riders, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs are embracing the Prīmī experience – a testament to our commitment to quality and fairness.

Meet Our Magnificent 10:

Hilin Hyperion: A 4-year-old medium pony destined to capture hearts in the North American pony world.

Con Leche:  A 5-year-old standout with a winning trot for the hunter under saddle classes.

Tsarengo: A talented 4-year-old stallion with a pleasant rideability and incredible balance.

Dare Me: A 4-year-old embodying chill vibes, forgiveness attitude, and a promising future in the hunter and equitation worlds.

Mia More: A versatile 6-year-old mare with a heart of gold that will excel in the hunter ring and jumper ring. 

Luciano: A 7-year-old gelding with grace, looks, and immense potential in the hunter and derby world.

Jack: A striking 5-year-old gelding with a commanding presence, rhythmic canter, and promising future in hunter, derby, and equitation.

Talina: A tall and gorgeous 4yo mare with a calm, trusting personality, perfect for amateur hands.

Noirrellinde: A 5-year-old mare with an impressive pedigree, exuding confidence and tons of scope for show jumping enthusiasts.

Hermanos: A majestic 6-year-old gelding turning heads with his looks and presence, ideal for amateurs in low and medium jumpers.

The Countdown Begins:

Remember, it’s a first come, first served affair, and you have just two weeks to make your move! Don’t miss out on your chance to own a Prīmī horse. 

Explore our selection now at www.primi.horse/selection.