Lindsey Gibbons Grabs 2023 USHJA Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge National Title

Edited Press Release

Lexington, Ky.—Nov. 29, 2023—The USHJA Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge National competition was held virtually for the fourth consecutive year and saw returning competitor Lindsey Gibbons, of Lexington, Kentucky, take home the win. 

“I am absolutely over the moon [that I won],” Gibbons exclaimed. “I’m a bit obsessed with learning, so it’s nice when I can put all of this information I’ve collected to good use and see it pay off.

Spanning November 6-19, the competition began with a 100-question online Written Exam assessing all areas of the finalists’ horsemanship and stable management knowledge. The top 12 scorers in the Written Exam were then invited to participate in the Interview portion, consisting of essay questions in a video interview with the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Committee.

The top four finalists after averaging the Written Exam and Interview scores then moved on to the Practicum phase, where they are asked to demonstrate a series of horsemanship techniques via video. On her way to the overall win, Gibbons took second in the Interview and Practicum portions and third in the Written Exam.

“I listened to any horse-related podcast I could find,” said Gibbons, an Aerospace Engineer, of her study tactics. “I travel a ton for work, so the best study time for me was on my long trips. There are fantastic podcasts out there on topics such as veterinary care, hoof care, biomechanics and nutrition.”

“I also found an app that will read through PDFs, so I could listen to the HQC Study Guide when I was on the go,” she continued. “It’s a huge resource and I found that listening to it was the easiest way for me to take it all in.

“When I had extra time I’d watch webinars, attend clinics and read as much as I could about anything horse-related. My horse has also been the best study partner I could ask for. I’d frequently come to the barn, excited about some new knowledge I just picked up, and she’d play along with whatever experiment I was planning that day.”

Returning competitor Lauren Obermeyer, of Oregonia, Ohio, took home reserve, moving up from a third-place overall finish in 2022. Taking third overall in 2023 was Lauren Ensor, of Newport, Kentucky, and rounding out the top four was Kos Gilbert, of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Gibbons, Obermeyer and Ensor will each receive a Foundation grant for their overall placings in amounts of $2,000, $1,500 and $500, respectively. Additional awards were presented through fourth place overall and to the top testing phase scores from USHJA sponsors Smartpak, CWD and Boy O Boy Bridleworks.

“For me, the big connection between the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge and the barn is the never-ending learning journey,” Gibbons said on her connecting the Challenge to practical use.

“Many times during the study process I’d have these big light bulb moments. I’d come across some information that would explain something going on with my horse or would get an idea to experiment with something that ended up having a massive positive impact on my mare.”

“Ask questions and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas,” she said on advice to get involved in the program. “Horses have so much to teach us if we’re observant and ask questions. It’s up to us as their caretakers to be their voice and the more you know the better you can advocate for them.

“Chat with everyone on your horse care team about things they notice with your horse, weird things they’ve encountered with other horses, or simply topics they’re passionate about. You never know where you’ll get some information that will change you and your horse’s life, so approach every perspective with an open mind.”

The USHJA thanks Official Sponsors CWD, Nutrena and Parlanti; Educational Partners Spy Coast Farm and SmartPak; and Award Sponsors Essexs and Boy O Boy Bridleworks.

“I’m so grateful for the Adult HQC program,” Gibbons exclaimed. “I love that it provides a way for me to actively participate with USHJA outside of showing, and I think it has made me a significantly better horsewoman over the years. It’s a wonderful program and anyone who loves learning should participate!”

The USHJA Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge is supported in part by grants from US Equestrian and the USHJA. For more information about the USHJA Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, visit

USHJA Adult Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Nationals Results


1st: Lindsey Gibbons 

2nd: Lauren Obermeyer

3rd: Lauren Ensor

4th: Kos Gilbert


1st: Lauren Ensor

2nd: Lauren Obermeyer

3rd: Lindsey Gibbons 

4th: Kos Gilbert


1st: Lauren Obermeyer

2nd: Lindsey Gibbons 

3rd: Kos Gilbert

4th: Karen Eisenhauer 


1st: Lauren Ensor

2nd: Lindsey Gibbons 

3rd: Lauren Obermeyer

4th: Kos Gilbert

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