Horse Racing Casino Games | Best Horse Racing Games Types

Horse Racing Casino Games

Horse racing is a popular spectator sport and form of entertainment that dates back centuries. It has inspired the creation of many casino games devoted to the exciting world of horse racing. From virtual horse races to slots machines featuring jockeys, these games bring the thrill of horseracing to the casino floor. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular horse racing-themed casino games available today. 

We’ll explore five different examples of these games, giving you an opportunity to learn more about them and decide which one might be right for you! Top 5 Horse Racing Casino Games:

  1. Virtual Horse Racing – This game is a virtual version of horseracing that allows players to place bets on virtual horses in simulated races. Players can select the type of race and horse they wish to bet on, with odds changing in real time depending on which horse is leading the race. Virtual horse racing games are available at both land-based and online casinos.
  2. Horse Racing Slot Machines – These slot machines feature symbols related to the world of horseracing, such as horses, jockeys, trophies, and more. As with other slots games here, players must match symbols in order to win payouts. Some versions also include bonus rounds involving horseracing. Horse Racing slot machines provide exciting gameplay with symbols such as horses, jockeys and trophies. Online sites like often offer bonuses including 100 free spins with no deposit, allowing players to enjoy a variety of slots, including horse racing-themed slots, without risk.
  3. Horse Racing Card Games – Players can bet on the outcomes of virtual horse races with these card games. Players are dealt a set of cards which they use to make wagers on the horses competing in each race. The game usually includes bonus rounds that require players to correctly guess the outcome of certain races in order to win extra payouts.
  4. Horse Racing Roulette – This is a variation of classic roulette where players can place bets on their favorite horses instead of numbers. The wheel will have symbols representing different horses, and players must select a horse before spinning the wheel to determine their payout.
  5. Horse Racing Video Games – These video games allow players to control a horse and jockey as they compete against computer.

Horse racing-themed casino games are great for players who enjoy the thrill of gambling but don’t want to risk their own money. These games offer a way to experience the excitement of horseracing without risking your bankroll. They also provide an opportunity to learn more about the sport and potentially develop a better understanding of handicapping, which can be useful for winning real-life bets on horse races.

For those looking for more traditional casino experiences, there are several card and dice games that feature horses as part of the game play. Horse Racing Poker is one such example, where players bet on their hands and try to win by having the highest-ranked cards or rolls at the end of each round.