Four Popular Horse Racing Non-BetStop Betting Sites 


Australia has a rich history intertwined with sports, ranging from traditional races to the exhilarating world of horse racing. The passion for sports in the country extends to the realm of gambling, where enthusiasts often test their knowledge by placing wagers on online platforms.

The introduction of BetStop by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has added a layer of complexity to online gambling. This self-exclusion program compels bookmakers operating in Australia to enter the program, aiming to address gambling addictions prevalent in the country.

For Australian gamblers enrolled in the self-exclusion program, temporary bans from all ACMA-licensed online gambling platforms are imposed. To continue their gambling activities during this period, Australians must seek out bookmakers not on BetStop. In this article, we will explore a few notable options for horse racing enthusiasts in Australia looking to navigate beyond BetStop restrictions.

Understanding BetStop

Launched by the ACMA in August 2023, BetStop mirrors the functionality of GamStop, allowing Australians to self-exclude from online gambling platforms licensed in the country. The self-exclusion periods can range from a brief three months to an extended five years, or even a lifetime, for those acknowledging gambling addictions.

To bypass the restrictions imposed by BetStop, Australian gamblers are turning to licensed non-betstop betting sites to continue their betting activities, including wagering on thrilling horse racing events.

Best Horse Racing Bookmakers Not on BetStop Australia:


MyStake stands as a prominent offshore bookmaker globally, capturing the attention of racing punters. While not licensed by the Australian or UK government, MyStake operates under the authorization of a reputable jurisdiction, making it accessible to users worldwide. With a diverse range of betting options, live betting, streaming, and mobile compatibility, MyStake positions itself as a leading choice for horse racing enthusiasts seeking alternatives beyond BetStop.


As another offshore bookmaker unrestricted by BetStop Australia, GoldenBet has gained a stellar reputation in the global racing and sports betting community. Licensed and regulated by a different jurisdiction, GoldenBet provides a wide array of betting opportunities to players worldwide, offering a compelling platform for Australian horse racing enthusiasts.

Golden Lion

Operating outside the confines of BetStop Australia, Golden Lion is a prominent offshore platform catering to sports betting, including a rich selection of horse racing events. From classical racing spectacles like the Royal Ascot to motorsports tournaments such as MotoGP and Formula 1, Golden Lion ensures a comprehensive gambling experience for Australian punters registered with BetStop.


For dynamic and innovative horse racing betting, Freshbet emerges as a notable online gambling platform not bound by the BetStop program. Offering a plethora of markets covering racing events worldwide, from traditional horse racing to high-adrenaline Formula 1 and MotoGP, Freshbet caters to the diverse preferences of Australian punters seeking alternatives beyond BetStop.


In the quest for viable alternatives beyond BetStop, Australian horse racing enthusiasts have a selection of reputable bookmakers to consider. Golden Lion, MyStake, GoldenBet, and Freshbet present diverse options for punters looking to indulge in the thrill of horse racing while navigating the restrictions imposed by BetStop. With extensive racing coverage and competitive odds, these platforms offer a satisfying gambling experience for the discerning Australian punter. The choice ultimately rests with the individual, but these four online bookmakers stand out as robust options for those exploring horse racing beyond the confines of BetStop.