Thomas Cook: Clothing Synonymous with the Country Style

Country style first appeared in the 19th century, when European immigrants arrived in America looking for gold, adventure, or work. To perform any of these activities, they required comfortable clothing that did not restrict movement and was able to resist the elements. And by the end of the century, it was common to see farmers wearing jeans and a cotton shirt. 

Since then, country clothing has seen ups and downs, but it is currently more in vogue than ever. As a result, many brands are releasing country-inspired collections, all competing to offer the chicest cowboy and cowgirl pieces. One such trailblazer is the Thomas clothing line, which has made a name for itself in the country-inspired design space in recent years.

An Icon of Aussie Country Fashion

Synonymous with country style, the brand is the perfect example of outback life in Australia. It represents nature and endurance, and it has been appreciated for generations. Thomas Cook is the go-to brand for Aussies of all ages due to its dedication to tradition and the integration of urban and rural life. The brand has been passed down from generation to generation, with each fostering a passion for high-quality, trendy apparel and footwear.

The range of Thomas Cook shirts, pants, boots and accessories includes options for all tastes and needs. Although some of their garments are intended for equestrian use, there are plenty of options for casual riders and bush adventurers. You’ll also find pieces that make the perfect look for running errands downtown. Made only from high-quality materials, their garments are incredibly comfortable and durable, being able to endure anything that is thrown at them. 

Characteristics of Thomas Cook Clothing 


Compared to 19th-century clothing, Thomas Cook’s is far more fashionable. It comes in a range of designs, colours, and patterns, so you may pick the look that most closely matches your taste.


Thomas Cook’s clothes often have loose silhouettes with a simple cut and are composed of light fabrics. This is to ensure comfort and freedom of movement, which are key components of country style.

Made from Natural Materials

Natural elements in every piece of clothing define true country style. Thomas Cook’s clothing is made from cotton, linen, leather and other natural materials. 


For people who prefer to spend time outside, whether for housework or leisurely excursions in the great outdoors, Thomas Cook collections are made to resist the typical wear and tear of everyday clothes.

How Do You Put Together a Country Look?

No matter your style or the occasion at hand, the following tips will help you create the perfect Westen outfit. 

For the Authentic Cowboy

Getting authentic Western outfits is simple when you choose brands such as Thomas Cook. Start with the basics: a pair of blue jeans and cowboy boots. Then move on to Thomas Cook shirts. Choose models with snap pockets, panels (also known as yokes), contrast piping, and, most importantly, ornate embroidery. 

For the Hard Work Cowboy

Working ranchmen can easily achieve a practical yet fashionable Westen style with Thomas Cook’s apparel. They are built to last, with heavy-quality fabric and rivets at stress locations to provide durability on and off the job site. Their boots are created with a sturdy build that protects the foot while also adding stability and traction. 

For the Urban Cowboy

Giving a classic Western outfit—leather cowboy boots, a beloved button-up, and a felt cowboy hat—the all-black treatment is one of the easiest ways to take a Western look from the outback to the city. Nothing says elegant and cosmopolitan like all black, and you can find all the pieces—from pants to shirts to boots—in this versatile colour. The best thing about shopping like an urban cowboy or cowgirl is that you don’t need the same ultra-rugged boot build as real-life ranchers, which saves you money. However, don’t compromise on ornamentation or draw straps because they’re a must. 

For the Hipster Cowboy

Even if you’re edgy and eclectic, you can still rock the cowboy gear. Hipsters all around the world are reinventing the high-end country-western look for their artsy enclaves with long-sleeved denim shirts and slim-fitting jeans. Artsy types like to adorn their outfits with Aztec prints that remind them of the days of the Old West, so a bit of geometrics with your denim and Western hats is always a good idea.

For the Modern Cowgirl

Take your country’s wardrobe from basic to chick with sophisticated country-Western dresses, Western-inspired graphic T-shirts, slim-fit ladies’ button-up shirts and fringed boho purses. Modern cowgirl style is all about westernising the runway’s ready-to-wear styles with studs, rhinestones, fringe, Aztec motifs, and anything else that is trendy in the fashion industry. 

Don’t be hesitant to experiment with new colours, patterns, and accessories while selecting your country clothing. While timeless styles and earthy tones are typical of country style, feel free to experiment with bold colours and unique prints. You can mix and match different pieces to create one-of-a-kind looks that represent your distinctive style. One of the best aspects of country fashion is that it fosters originality, so experiment with various styles to establish your own personal country flare.

Accessories are a must to complete your Western look. Make a fashion statement with a calfskin, bovine, or sleek ostrich belt or finish off your look with a classic Western belt buckle suitable for any occasion. Cowgirls can use a large leather handbag or a tassel-zip clutch to complete their style while cowboys carry everything they need in a leather wallet that fits neatly in their pants pocket. Hats, bandanas, and coats can capture country chic vibes like no other accessories can!