Equiline: How A Passion Project Became A Staple Brand In Equestrian Closets And Tack Rooms Worldwide

While Equiline is best known for its beautiful clothing, the product list continues to grow every year - Photo by Isabel Kurek

BY April Bilodeau

Horse and rider apparel is a booming business, with many choices available. But few companies can say that they carry every item needed for both horse and rider quite like Equiline. From riding coats to custom saddle pads, Equiline has equestrians covered while also keeping top quality and materials in mind. 

“People know us for our apparel but we’re so much deeper than that,” Kelly Molinari, president of Equiline’s United States distributor, tells The Plaid Horse. 

The company originated in Italy and was founded over 30 years ago by two brothers. Their family was in the fashion and textile business. 

The brothers were both equestrians, owning three horses, and those horses would later become the subjects of the Equiline logo. They wanted to create a textile saddle pad that would be more supportive for their horses. 

Equiline Saddles are handmade in Italy with the horse and rider in mind – Photo by Equiline Official

Friends around the barn were impressed with the quality of the saddle pads and pressed the duo to produce and market their new creation and so Equiline began. Molinari helped bring the now widely popular brand to America ten years ago after accidentally finding the company while looking for a quality show shirt. 

“I was struck by how beautiful the design of the Equiline shirt was,” says Molinari, who at the time was working as a consultant. She tracked Equiline down at a trade show in Germany and asked how she could help import the products into the US. Soon the company that started with a saddle pad found demand emanating from the opposite side of the Atlantic. 


Equiline has your saddle and tack needs covered, made with luxurious Italian leather – Photo by Equiline Official

All Equiline products are designed in Italy with fabrics and textiles that are sourced from the country. 

While the quality and longevity of the products the company creates are important, Equiline prioritizes the horses’ comfort and well-being first in each equine product they create. 

“Every product we make is always designed with respect for the horse,” says Molinari. “We aim to help horses and never hinder them.” 

The range of horse products include blankets, coolers, saddle pads, half pads, wraps and boots, earnets and fly masks, bridles, martingales, halters, and lead ropes—most of which can be fully customized. They are also well known for creating soundproof ear bonnets. 

“Each piece of the bridle can be purchased separately to create a bridle that fits your horse properly, as well as fitting your style” says Molinari. “If your horse needs a cob noseband but is otherwise a horse size, you can do that!” 

The company also has a saddle division, with options for the dressage, eventing, hunter, and jumper disciplines. Included in their saddle line are the Nick Skelton Signature Saddle and the Scott Stewart Signature Hunter Saddle, both of which were co-designed with the professional riders. 

“We work with several top riders to test the products and incorporate their suggestions,” says Kaitlin Porath, Director of Marketing for the US distributor, who also works closely with Jacob Pope, Julie Welles, The Torano Family, Darragh Kenny, Conor Swail, Michael Morrissey and many others in support of the brand. 

This holiday season, Equiline introduces a fully customizable pony saddle for young riders. 

Create your very own custom bridle with the Equiline bridle piece collection – Photo by Isabel Kurek


Equiline has a full range of apparel for riders for competition, training and even post-ride. While the company continues its commitment to quality by using beautiful, well-made textiles and fabrics, their breeches have become very popular due to fit, design and performance.

“People know our breeches by the little black triangle on the side,” says Molinari. “In the beginning, riders feared breaking tradition with such branding but when they discovered the comfort of our breeches, they quickly became a fan favorite.”

The company also produces the X-Cel safety stirrup, which is a medium-weight, customizable stirrup. Equiline recently teamed up with AllShot to create a new safety vest in support of their focus on protective products. 

The brand also just launched its first helmet, the Xanto, in Italy this November. Stay tuned for updates on availability in 2024!

The Xanto, the brand’s first helmet – Photo by Equiline Official


To round out their wide selection of wares, Equiline has a complete line of products for the stable. To complement their fully customizable line, they boast stall curtains, accessory holders, stall guards and more to help barns look uniform both at home and on the road. 

Equiline products can be found at tack stores and horse shows including but not limited to Farm House Tack, LA Saddlery, Exceptional Equestrian, JODs, and Dressage Extensions. You can also find their full range of products online at equilineamerica.com.