RAMM Fence & Stalls: Creating Safer Alternatives for Horses In and Out of the Barn

BY April Bilodeau

Choosing the right fencing options for your farm can be one of the most important decisions an owner can make. RAMM Fencing and Stalls considers product education and safety for horses as their top priority. Debbie Disbrow, CEO, faced this decision when building her boarding facility over 36 years ago.

“We thought we had purchased the best fencing product we could,” Disbrow tells The Plaid Horse. “But what we were told was the best actually wasn’t, and we had problems pretty quickly.”

With 21 horses on her property, Disbrow knew she needed good fencing to keep horses safe and clients happy. She and her husband discussed the importance of quality fencing and warranties so horse owners could avoid the issues that they encountered. From this experience, RAMM Fencing and Stalls was created.

Better Fencing 

“It’s not just about a product for us, it’s about what will help our customers the best for their particular horses.” —Debbie Disbrow

RAMM offers several different types of fencing to their customers, but each type of fencing has the same top priority–horse safety. The Flex Fence for example, manufactured by RAMM, is built to embrace impact should a collision occur with the fencing. 

“Our fencing has a stronger break strength and can flex up to eight inches on impact,” says Disbrow. “The fencing has 3,200 pounds of strength per rail.”

Customers like Nathalie Ferrato, a longtime horsewoman and breeder who owns Movin Majestically Farms, has been amazed by the safety benefits of RAMM’s fencing. 

“I found RAMM Fence through a neighbor who also had it. I ordered enough for my perimeter at first to test it out,” says Ferrato. “One of my horses, while running into the muddy ditch, lost his footing.”

Ferrato watched in horror, certain the horse was going to break his leg that sank in the mud. 

“The RAMM fence caught him and like a trampoline, bounced him back upright and saved his life,” says Ferrato. “I highly recommend this fencing to anyone.”

The fencing comes in white, black, or brown to fit in with every barn’s look and contain a fungicide and UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that transfers through the property, so if you sell your property, the next owners are covered as well. 

“We try to give our customers everything we possibly can,” says Disbrow. 

Beyond The Fencing

“Our fencing has a stronger break strength and can flex up to eight inches on impact.” —Debbie Disbrow

Shortly after the creation of the fencing, RAMM began their stall division. Both have grown to not only serve customers in the United States, but also in Europe.

RAMM offers a wide variety of stall options, or you can custom create a stall that appeals to you. 

“Every farm is different,” says Disbrow. “We try to customize what every person and farm needs.”

To accent the stalls, RAMM also offers a full line of stall mats, stall mattresses, lighting, and flooring. Other support products for the stable include waterers, scratching posts, as well as supplemental products for seasonal needs such as fly spray systems.

“We offer almost anything you can think of for inside and outside of your barn,” says Disbrow. “We have over 3,000 products for equine owners.”

A Love for The Customer

The employees of RAMM Fencing and Stalls are not only passionate about what they do for the horses, but also for their customers.

“I’m so thankful to our customers. 

My employees and I truly care about them,” says Disbrow. “It’s not just about a product for us, it’s about what will help our customers the best for their particular horses.”

While the company started out with humble beginnings and a goal to help just one farm, Disbrow marvels at what she and her team have created.

“We started this business 34 years ago at a dining room table and we now occupy a 30-acre property with three warehouses, our sales office and our stall fabrication shop,” says Disbrow. “I’m thankful for my team who puts heart into their work and serves our customers everyday” 

To learn more about RAMM Fencing and Stalls, visit www.rammfence.com.