What Japanese Casino Players Should Expect in 2024?

As the gambling industry becomes more accessible in Japan, the government is taking serious steps to legalize the practice further. This country is home to 125 million people, and all of them have various preferences when it comes to entertainment. Macao is a short flight away, and it is considered to be the Las Vegas of Asia. But those who want to have fun from their home can access various online casinos in Japan. Citizens of this country know how to have fun. From the bustling streets of Akihabara to the famous and busy Shibuya crossing, Japanese people find endless ways to relax after a long day of hard work. 

Most Popular Casino Games in Japan

There are lots of options available if you want to try your luck in the country. Japanese people are particularly drawn to slots. While these machines could be found all over the world, here you will encounter the wildest and most diverse ones. 

The anime culture, bright neon lights and futuristic aesthetics have a lot of influence on the theme of these slots. However, the most experienced Japanese gamblers also have a good winning streak in poker and blackjack. Nothing beats these classic card games, regardless of which country you are in. Virtual slots are designed to be as immersive as their analogous counterparts. Japanese players are used to vibrant themes, bountiful graphics and certain elements commonly found in Tokyo’s busiest hotspots at night. 

Is Gambling Legal in Japan?

Unfortunately, the government does not fully legalize the industry, and users have to be careful when gambling. While no licensed Japanese online casino exists, players could find a workaround by accessing international platforms. Since you are looking at an oversaturated industry, not all websites can be trusted, especially when the safety of finances and personal data is at risk. Japanese players could find many online casinos built for them, even if they are operating from another country. Some platforms feature Japanese as a single language, but English translation is sometimes available. If you want to find the best online casinos or オンラインカジノ how Japanese players usually call them, put your trust in CasinoHEX.JP to show you the most popular ones. Expert gamblers have verified all of them, so there is no need for safety concerns as they are trustworthy.

The Future of Gambling in Japan

According to information from John Kimura, a gambling expert at CasinoHEX.JP, the government prohibited casinos from operating in its country under the Penal Code 1907. However, several steps are being made towards the legalization of the gambling industry. In 2018, the parliament authorized the construction of integrated resorts that could possess a license for operating casinos. Japanese casino players see this as major progress. And they have high hopes for the future, with the first integrated resort set to open in Osaka in 2029. 


This country is the third-largest economy in the world, making it an ideal market for casinos. While it is illegal to gamble in Japan, sports betting is regulated and extremely popular amongst players who don’t want to risk the repercussions of being caught. There are several tips for Japanese players who don’t want to get into trouble, and anyone can apply them. Some people skip reading the terms and conditions, but that’s one of the most important tips to remember. 

The closest thing to a casino in Japan is Pachinko. Despite not being completely legalized yet, they can operate in the country. A mixture of pinball and slot machines, these mechanical games are a common form of entertainment that can be found in any major Japanese city. Players will need skill and luck to win, which is often challenging for inexperienced ones. 


The gambling scene has been in Japan since the 7th century, with many games brought from the West. The country has quickly digitalized in the past decades, making these casino games more accessible. This prompted the government to take action by forbidding the practice of gambling and making it illegal. No casino in Japan has an operating license, but the future looks better for the industry. The construction of integrated resorts and the popularity of Pachinko games bring much hope to Japanese casino players who might enjoy gambling in their country as soon as 2024.