Main types of bets on horse racing

Horse racing can be called the oldest entertainment on which bets are accepted. They can hardly be called purely sports, but at the same time such bets, especially in the UK, do not lose popularity. It is not possible to place bets on horse racing everywhere, but we can overcome this technical issue. What can you spend money on? Let’s name the main types of bets on races.

The most popular option is to bet on victory

It is also called the short English word “win”. The point is to guess which horse will finish first. Moreover, you can find the so-called “insurance bet”, that is, a bet with insurance on mostbet. With it, if the horse you have chosen comes 2-3, the bet amount, or part of it, will be returned.

You can bet on the “prize place”

On English-language sites you need to look for options called “each-way”, or simply e/w. The point is to guess that the horse, even if it doesn’t win, will eventually finish the race in a winning position. But it is worth remembering that when you want to bet on “each-way”, you should remember that you will need to double the bet. That is, having laid out 200 dollars, in fact, half will be spent on betting on the victory of the selected horse, and half, at the same time, on the prize. Victory will bring the prescribed winnings, and the arrival of the selected stallion among the winners will allow you to receive only 1/5, maximum 1/4 of the base amount (here it depends on what conditions the bookmaker has set). Because of these nuances, experts advise using “each-way” only when there is a good chance that a horse whose success is estimated at a coefficient of 8.0 or higher will win (or at least come in as a winner).

Many players use forecast

This is a bet on the selected horses finishing 1-2 in a single race. There are 2 options: “straight” forecast, when the player gives only 1 option, and “combined” (reverse) forecast, when they bet that the horses will come to 1-2 positions in any order. But here, as with “each-way”, the bet amount actually doubles. As a rule, this bet is used when the favorite is given a very low odds, below 1.2. There is also a more complex option, “tricast”, but now there will be 6 finishing options, and the total bet amount increases accordingly.

“Who is taller” is used no less often

In English they are referred to as “match bet” or “head-to-head”. It doesn’t matter who wins the race – the main thing is that the 1 horse you choose overtakes the other one you specified. That is, it all comes down to a 1 on 1 fight – it’s much easier to analyze and understand who is stronger.