Hands Down: The Best Games for Equestrians

Equestrians aren’t quite like any other athlete or animal-lover out there—and that’s because they combine both of these qualities seamlessly. Not only are equestrians natural-born adventurers with a love of thrills, but they also tend to be deeply interested in nature and in touch with their horses. For them, there’s nothing better than getting in the saddle and heading out for an adventure—whether roaming free or competing in dressage.

But there’s now a close second for many horseback riders: video games. As gaming becomes more popular around the world, there are more titles available to equestrians than ever before. For example, those who prefer a short-and-sweet game setup can sample online slots. As the world’s most popular casino game, you won’t be short on options when looking for a great slot. However, we recommend checking out wildlife themed slots, as these offer a range of ways to experience the wild animal kingdom.

Rather than explore slots with horse racing themes, these wildlife slots take a closer look at fauna that you won’t find inside a stable. But if you want a more tried-and-true horseback adventure, even non-equestrian games will scratch your itch. For example, open-world RPGs from the Red Dead Redemption and The Witcher series include highly realistic depictions of horses and riders.

But if you want the very best in terms of video games geared toward equestrians, then you need to seek out projects that were developed by and for these types of horse lovers. Don’t worry—we’ve got the top titles on the market listed below, starting with the latest new release, Astride.

A Future Hit: Astride

Astride is currently under development—but that hasn’t stopped it from making headlines with horse lovers. Though final impressions haven’t been made, this project seeks to combine all the best elements of the games listed below. It will allow players to explore an open world that’s inspired by Scandinavia. However, they can also invest their time in other pursuits, from horse breeding to building a perfect stable to horse training. Keep this release on your calendar—it’s expected to relaunch sometime this year.

Best Casual Game: Windstorm: An Unexpected Arrival

In terms of releases currently available, the best casual option is based on the film Windstorm: Ari’s Adventure. This game offers an open world worth exploring and a narrative plot that will keep any gamer at the edge of their seat. However, some players have found that the horse mechanics aren’t quite up to par, which means the realism isn’t totally there.

Best Innovative Title: Windstorm

This game takes a new perspective on the equestrian outlook. While other games seek to simulate horse riding or managing a stable, this game lets players step into the shoes of a horse whisperer named Mika and her latest friend, a black stallion named Windstorm. But that’s not all. As players tend to Windstorm, they’re able to take on new adventures, including open-world horseback riding, racing, and seeking out hidden locations and items. (This game comes from Aesir Interactive like Windstorm: Ari’s Arrival and is placed within a similar world.)

Best Breeding Game: Rival Stars Horse Racing

Just about every equestrian has dreamed of running their own stable where they would be in charge of breeding and horse pedigrees. If you’re interested in this type of adventure, then Rival Stars Horse Racing has all the features you need. Along with allowing players to breed, raise, and race their own horses, the game includes a cute storyline and characters that add a bit of depth and complexity. What makes this game stand out is that developers continue to release updates, which have made the game playable for many years. Similarly, it’s available for desktop as well as mobile gamers.