Inside Scoop and Predictions for the Next Kentucky Derby

The 2024 Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, and the excitement is palpable. If you’re a racing fan, you must be waiting for this event eagerly. But here’s a question: do you know what to expect from it, and do you plan to wager some money on your favorite horse?

You must pick your racehorses carefully if you want to wager successfully on the Kentucky Derby and reap handsomely. Another idea worth considering is to wisely use the odds for the Kentucky Derby to make strategic decisions. Remember that a steed with low odds is associated with a higher chance of winning and a lower payout, and vice versa.

Lastly, you should factor in crucial insider information and pro tips to bet successfully on Kentucky Derby races. Let’s begin with a few noteworthy ones.

  • How to Watch and Bet on the Next Kentucky Derby

If you are new to the Kentucky Derby scene, there are a few things you should note. For example, the next event will occur on 4th May 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky. Like other Kentucky Derbies, this year’s event is the pride and joy of Churchill Downs Incorporated.

If you are close to Churchill Downs, consider visiting the location and watching the 150th Kentucky Derby live, set to kick off at 2:30 pm ET. If you can’t visit Churchill Downs, don’t worry. The 2024 Kentucky Derby will stream through Peacock and air on NBC. So, you can watch events unfold live from the comfort of your couch.  

Watching the Kentucky Derby via NBC is easy. You can do it online through the NBCSports app or You can also watch the event free via the NBC network with a digital antenna. Conversely, if you are a cord cutter, get Peacock’s premium subscription because it will be your ticket to enjoying this thrilling event.

  • Meet the Horses in the Upcoming Kentucky Derby

Twenty horses traditionally get the golden opportunity to participate in each Kentucky Derby, and 2024 won’t be different. So far, there are many top contenders for the upcoming event. They include infamous horses like Fierceness, Track Phantom, Locked, Dornoch, and Honor Marie. All participants will be contending for the spots reserved for the top point earners from the US (18), Japan (1), and Europe (1).

Several talented jockeys are set to accompany the horses contending for the 2024 Kentucky Derby. A lucky few will attend the main event and revel in the glory. The individuals to watch include John Velazquez, the infamous rider who, together with Fierceness, bagged the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile in 2023. The other notable jockey is Florent Geroux, who is associated with Hades.

Numerous noteworthy trainers with thoroughbreds will also be Committing to a top spot in the 2024 Kentucky Derby. They include Todd Pletcher, who once trained infamous horses like Super Saver and Always Dreaming, both Kentucky Derby winners. He now trains Fierceness and Locked.

  • Remember, Baffert is Still Banned

Bob Baffert is one of the most popular thoroughbred racehorse trainers in America. He has several accomplishments to his name. First, he trained the 2015 and 2018 Tripple Crown winners (American Pharaoh and Justify, respectively). So far, Baffert is associated with 5 Kentucky Derby winners.

You can’t base your predictions on Bob Baffert because he got a 2-year suspension in 2021 after his horse, Medina Spirit, failed a drug test after the 2021 Kentucky Derby Race. Church Downs extended Bob’s suspension for one more year in 2024, with officials citing integrity and safety concerns.

  • Most Punters and Gurus Expect Fierceness to Bag the 2024 Kentucky Derby

Mage netted the 2023 Kentucky Derby. This exceptional chestnut colt had Javier Castellano as its rider, the Hall of Fame Jockey. But will Mage and Castellano achieve the same phenomenal feat in 2024? No. Every seasoned horse racing fan knows the Kentucky Derby is open only to 3-year-old thoroughbreds. Since a horse can only be three years old once and this prestigious event is held once a year, one horse competing twice is out of the question.

With that in mind, most predictions point to Fierceness and his rider, Track Phantom, winning the race. Fierceness’s current trainer is Todd Pletcher, a hall of famer with many achievements, including 4 Toyota Blue Grass events. This horse’s sire is City of Light, meaning he has outstanding genes and breeding. The sire also boasts many accolades, including the Pegasus World Cup and Breeders’ Cup.

To summarize, Fierceness has exceptional breeding, a great trainer, and a formidable jockey. But is that the only reason people expect this fantastic animal to win? No really. Racing gurus say Fierceness has a high chance of bagging the 2024 Kentucky because he won the 2023 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, and this event has produced 6 Kentucky Derby winners.

  • For the Best Rewards, Bet on the Best Positions

Kentucky Derby races have made many people filthy rich. A good example is an unnamed woman who, according to ABC News, walked away with $1.2 million from a series of Kentucky Derby day races. You, too, can win an impressive amount. What do you have to do? For starters, place a reasonable stake on a horse with high odds of winning.

But beware. If a specific horse has high odds, fewer punters expect it to win the event. Favorite horses with high chances of bagging the Kentucky Derby or any other races have lower odds since many people back them with real-life stakes.

That aside, you should know one more thing before betting on the Kentucky Derby. Regarding win rate, the best positions are numbers 5, 10, and 20. Simply put, if you want to walk away with an enormous payout after the 2024 Kentucky Derby, bet on positions that are multiples of 5.

Final Thoughts

If you are an avid Kentucky Derby fan or have just found your love for this event, there are several things you should know before it kicks off. We’ve discussed some of them here. Keep them in mind, especially before wagering on a specific racehorse.Most importantly, note that despite being incredibly fun, betting on horse races can be addictive. To avoid becoming an addict and derailing your life, gamble responsibly and seek professional help immediately after noticing early signs of trouble, like borrowing gambling money and lying about your habits. Stay safe!

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