Jabantos and Amy Krebs Claim the $30,000 Grand Prix Win of WEC – Wilmington Winter Classic 10

Amy Krebs & Jabantos. Photo by Winslow Photography

Edited Press Release

Wilmington, Ohio – The $30,000 Grand Prix stole the spotlight Saturday evening at World Equestrian Center – Wilmington, where Michael Pegg (CAN) set a first-round track that saw four horse-and-athlete combinations move onto the jump-off. Ultimately, the only junior rider in the field, Amy Krebs (USA) came out on top.

Amy Krebs & Jabantos in the winner’s circle. Photo by Winslow Photography

Aboard her own, Jabantos (Corsari Van De Helle x Cassima), the pair is no stranger to the winner’s circle, and Krebs was happy to find her place back on top after a troublesome first two rides in the class.

“I was a little bit down after my first two having trouble in the same spot. I knew Jabantos wouldn’t have a problem with it. I trust him so much. He’s not spooky, he’s not quirky. I knew he would be perfect,” Krebs stated.

Amy Krebs & Jabantos. Photo by Winslow Photography

Krebs shared her thoughts on Pegg’s technical first-round track, “It was a little tricky. There were a few blind turns like the purple jump by the in gate and a lot of short turns at the far ends of the ring. It was probably one of the more complicated ones out of the tracks that I have jumped here.”

Jabantos getting his post-win Fruit Loops from trainer Michelle Zimmer. Photo by Winslow Photography

During her last grand prix debut at WEC – Wilmington, Krebs was just shy of the leading time and knew to step on the gas pedal, “I was in the same position tonight. Devin [Milan] really had a strong, quick round. I knew the only place that I could get her was in the last line, so I landed and had to do six strides,” Krebs laughed.

Amy Krebs & Jabantos. Photo by Winslow Photography

As the final entry to return for the short course, Krebs did what she does best with her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding and galloped around the track in 31.571 seconds for the win.

Devin Milan & Conquest. Photo by Winslow Photography

Last week’s grand prix winner, Devin Milan (USA) was just shy of the win aboard Garo Kazan’s nine-year-old Zangersheide gelding, Conquest (Colestus x Excellenta C). In a time of 31.821 seconds, the duo settled for the red ribbon.

Shannon Sullivan & Downtown’s Main Event. Photo by Winslow Photography

An unfortunate four fault score in 32.361 seconds landed Shannon Sullivan (USA) and her own 17-year-old Polish Warmblood gelding, Downtown’s Main Event, in third place.

$30,000 Grand Prix Results:

1 Jabantos, Amy Krebs, Amy Krebs | 0 | 31.571
2 Conquest, Devin Milan, Garo Kazan | 0 | 31.821
3 Downtown’s Main Event, Shannon Sullivan, Shannon Sullivan | 4 | 32.361
4 Kinsella, Charlotte Clark, Charlotte Clark | 8 | 32.32
5 Quintessential WF, Kristen Hillier, Windswept Farm II | 4 | 73.782
6 Wheeler, Mara Kranz, Mint Hill Farm | 4 | 80.877
7 Quincidence, Wilhelm Genn, Wilhelm Genn | 8 | 77.324
8 Ike, Amy Krebs, Amy Krebs | 22 | 100.829

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