Walland and Ashley Kaplan Win Big in $5,000 3’6” Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic

Ashley Kaplan and Walland in their winning presentation, pictured with Daran Lockhart of Marshall & Sterling. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Edited Press Release

Ashley Kaplan had to move some things around in her schedule so she could show during hunter week, but she’s certainly glad she did, because she’s going home a winner. Aboard Walland, owned by B R Farms LLC, she captured the $5,000 Marshall & Sterling 3’6” Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic with scores of 89 and 85.

“He’s a newer one of mine,” Kaplan said of the 8-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Cornet Obolensky. “I’ve had him almost a year and I really only started showing him in October. This weekend was really good, which was nice. I had two more in the division; one of them I’ve had for just over two years and the other one is my oldest daughter’s horse but she’s off at college. We competed in the AOs last year together and now she’s mine. I showed her out east last fall. They’re both wonderful mares and special to ride.”

Kaplan was division champion with Walland as well as reserve champion with C’est Jolie, coming in first and second in all but one class.

Ashley Kaplan and Walland. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

“Riding in the Grand Prix Arena was really fun,” she expressed. “I really wanted to do it so I made it work with my schedule. It was tiring, but it’s so fun to ride in different rings than we normally ride in. I feel like it makes me ride better actually.”

Kaplan shares the sport with her two daughters, one of which doesn’t live at home anymore but is still returning to DIHP in a few weeks to join her family.

“My two daughters ride; I have one that does small and medium ponies and then my oldest is a younger AO now,” Kaplan shared. “She’s going to show during week 8 on her spring break. It’s fun, it’s a nice time for us to be together and have girl weekends. I get to spend a lot of time with them which is nice.”

Kaplan, of Los Angeles, CA, doesn’t have too far to travel to get to horse show with the team at Balmoral Farm, but even if she was from far away she’d still think the travel time was worthwhile.

“The rings are so nice, they do a good job with the facility, and they try to make sure everyone is taken care of,” she said of what she likes about DIHP. “It’s not too far away from us. These weeks focusing on hunters are nice; they took the time last week with the ponies on the grass, so that was special.”

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