Biggest (and Most Memorable) Slot Jackpots Ever Won Online

Everyone has felt the pull of a gamble at least once in their life. The chance to give a little and win a potentially massive, life-changing amount of money is tantalising. While not everyone is sold on the idea of online casinos and jackpots, many claim that it’s possible to win just as big online as it is in the big casinos of Las Vegas and Goa.

Memorable Jackpot Wins in Online Slots

As of 2021, a game that will forever go down in history is Mega Moolah, as an anonymous player from Belgium managed to win a staggering jackpot of $23.6 million in an online game themed around Alice in Wonderland.

It isn’t the first time Mega Moolah has made headlines in the online casino world, as a lucky player from Ireland won £18,9 million, an equivalent of $23.5 million at the time, with fewer than 50 spins and a stake of only £0.60 on their end. This makes them one of the luckiest players to win the progressive jackpot, given the odds.

Mechanics Behind These Massive Winnings

Mega Moolah historically seems to be the place to go for big wins, and that’s because they have a $1 million minimum jackpot and are available at a variety of online casinos such as Europa and Grand Mondial. 

These platforms offer many different games to play, each with the chance to hit a progressive jackpot, a mechanic many online casinos have come to rely on to keep drawing in new users.

Statistical Odds of Hitting Such Large Jackpots

Within the online space, it’s easy to have millions of players contributing to the progressive jackpot, far more than players see in the social casinos. Because of the convenience of having an online casino running 24/7 with users from across the globe able to play, the potential for bigger payouts is more likely, even on games with a lower RTP. Mega Moolah, the game that has earned players $20+ million, has a lower RTP than most, sitting around 88%.

High RTP percentages are favourable; however, many believe that even online casino games with lower percentages give one a better chance at winning than in-house casinos, thanks to a computer doing most of the heavy lifting. Comparing the two, players have to consider the following when choosing how to gamble:

ConsiderationsOnline CasinoIn-House Casino
House EdgeGenerally lower (0.3% – 1%)Generally higher (3% – 20%)
RTPGreater variance (80% – 97%)Strays toward average (95%)
ConveniencePossible to play from the comfort of one’s home for a longer time than at an in-house casino.Requires players to commute to a location and play during certain times of the day.
Special IncentivesOften offers additional incentives and rewards that can lower the cost of what players have to put in or grant bigger bonuses.Few additional incentives to keep playing and earn bonuses.

With all this in mind, here are some facts about biggest slot wins ever:

  • Players can win just as big online as in social casinos – perhaps even more.
  • Online casinos tend to have higher progressive jackpots.
  • The unbiased nature of a computer-based system makes online spaces that much more fair for every player involved.
  • Lower costs of running online casinos allow them to offer more significant incentives.


Online slots are appealing not just because they offer a more convenient way for players to enjoy their favourite games. They also offer a potential for bigger payouts that players have easy access to, thanks to operating entirely off a computer or smartphone. It is easier than ever to land the next headlining mega win and earn that life-changing sum.