Horses Racing for Beginners: A Quick Guide

Horse racing has a rich history with an image of fun and relaxation. Moreover, it can pave the way to hefty rewards. We are talking about the aspect of betting attached to this sport. People who are interested in online betting usually enjoy rewards like the Vulkan Bet bonus as downtime at home. However, if you are a newbie and don’t have any clue where to start, then this guide would help a beginner like you discover how to pick a winning horse.

Know Your Horses

Horse racing is much different from car racing. The beautiful, clever, unpredictable, and lean animals have a distinctive character and personality. When you are choosing a winning filly or colt, look at the way they walk, their demeanour and their presence.

  • Last Time-Out Winners: Look for easy last-time-out winners. Horses that appear like they can go again are a great bet and a good place to start. The animals that are in good form can ensure winning streaks of at least two to three wins in five races.
  • Check Out the Rating Figures: If you find a racehorse that has enjoyed a personal best in the last race, then you might have found your winner.
  • Race Comments: Check out online comments. This insight is invaluable. If the animal is said to be ‘quickened’ or ‘ran on well,’ then you have found a horse in fine fettle (good condition).
  • Change in Class: Did you know a horse that has dropped a class can be worth a look? This is because sometimes during races, trainers put a weak stallion in a higher class, hoping for a miracle. That’s why, if you want a runner with a proper track record, then find out the quality of its opposition. At times, a colt or filly that has dropped down a class is worth considering.
  • Judged by the Company It Keeps: Other horses in the race can affect how your filly or colt will perform and what chances they have in the race. For example, if there are ‘front running horses’ in the race that prefer an early start, then an outsider will have minimal chances to stay with the pace.
  • Bouncing Back After Some Poor Runs: While people are focusing on horses that have performed exceptionally well last time, why not spot a colt or filly that might have performed badly in the earlier race, but after a break is fitter and might run better due to a change in conditions.

There are no fixed rules set in stone. You might think that things are sorted, but there is always an element of surprise. Sometimes the small foal that might have been overlooked by everyone might defeat a big stallion and take everyone by surprise. 

Different Horses Tend to Run Better on Different Surfaces

The track surface is important to consider. The dry course is ideally suitable for daintier horses, while runners who prefer hitting the ground hard enjoy running on a softer turf as they get more sprinting power. Therefore, when you are placing a bet on the foal, look at the surface track.

Know the Horse Trainers

Different trainers have different records on surface tracks. For example, a trainer who is expert and experienced in preparing a runner for a particular course will know how to prepare a winning horse for the same track. A dominant trainer in a race course will field multiple colts and fillies. However, check the record of a trainer over the recent months and look into the stats at a course. As a routine, a good trainer will pick up a particular race course and train the winning yearling. Good tipping guides would show you the trainer’s record at a horse course ensuring the yearling you are betting on is reared under a competent trainer of good reputation.

Know the Jockey

For a better insight into betting, it’s vital to know your jockey. Just as trainers are synonymous with different courses, similarly the jockeys also have some preferred locations. This is because some jockeys have the skillset suitable for certain courses, and the trainers are most likely to pair the strongest horses with the best riders.

Specific trainer and jockey combinations are essential to completely understand the dynamics of horse racing. At times, the trainers field more than one runner, and that’s why a stable jockey can let out which potential yearling can be the ultimate winner of the race.

Signs of a Confident Winning Horse

Sitting at home and watching the race won’t help. You need to be at a live event to observe the horses before the race to find out how they are reacting. A calm runner with its shining coat will outperform a jittery and anxious yearling that’s exhausting itself in the paddock.

Don’t Blindly Bet On Your Favourite 

Horse racing is an unpredictable sport. It has been noticed that only a few times the favourites come home first, so if you have lumped your money only for the favourites, then it’s more likely that you will eventually be out of pocket. The secret to finding a winning colt or filly isn’t looking for one that’s more likely to win but choosing the colt or filly that adds more value. So, do your investigation before you start placing bets.