5 Strategies for Equestrians to Cope with Competition Stress


From regional shows to international competitions, you may face the mental and physical challenges that come with high-level performance. Managing all these hurdles is as crucial for your success as nailing your flying changes or clearing every jump with precision.

It’s best to try out these tips and tricks to get you going and achieve your ambition minus your unwelcome companion – stress.

Crafting Pre-Even Calm: The Power of Rituals

  1. Visualization Mastery

As you prepare each day, especially before your competition, take some time to visualize. Imagine yourself in the event, riding flawlessly and happily. Close your eyes and see your every move with your horse–each jump and turn. Feel it as if you’re really and actually there, jumping your way. 

It’s how champions get themselves ready to win; they rehearse success in their minds first. This helps sharpen your focus and build confidence so that when you’re in the saddle for real, your body will recall what your mind has practiced. 

If anxiety or stress still looms large despite these efforts, remember that virtual therapy covered by insurance is one effective option for additional support. You’ll then get professional help, no more apprehensions or “what ifs,” and no stress; you’ll just be there for the win.

  1. Structured Warm-Up

Before you step into the jumper ring and start scoring, do a planned warm-up with your horse. This isn’t just stretching it out–it’s a full rehearsal of moves you’ve practiced together. It will help your muscles remember what to do and build trust between you and your horse.

Go through some exercises that feel familiar: this will boost your confidence and get you and your horse in sync better. As you perform this routine, remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve put in. You’re prepared, and now it’s time for you to shine.

  1. Breathing Techniques

Focus on your breathing like you pace your horse to calm your nerves and relieve you of that anticipatory anxiety. Instead, practice slow breaths: breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven, and breathe out for eight. You can do it for more rounds if you want; no pressure.

There are also many phone apps today that teach relaxing breathing patterns. Use them to learn more ways to stay cool under the pressure of equestrian sports. When you control your breath, you’re actually telling your body everything’s okay. It will make it easier to focus and compete well afterward.

  1. Equip Yourself with Tunes

Music can change your mood fast; that’s a known fact. So, make playlists that match how you want to feel before you jump onto your horse–calm and ready to go. Listening to these tunes can help relax your mind or get your heart racing, ready for action. 

Now, put those earbuds in and let the music work its magic, setting the tone for your great performance of the day.

  1. Tactile Grounding

Most of the time, when stress hits, you may feel like you’re floating away from the now. So it’s best to hold onto something real to stay grounded–a small stone or trinket in your pocket works great. Touch and feel it when you need a reminder of where you are–in your beloved arena and about to win it all.

These reminders and tricks will help you bring your mind back to the moment and calm those jitters, keeping you focused and ready to gallop your way to success.


In the heat of equestrian competitions, managing your stress every time is key to performing your best. Use these strategies–from visualization and breathing to warm-ups with music and tactile grounding–to keep your cool no matter the pressure.

Just always hold on to the thought that you trained hard for these competitions, and the next best thing to do is win it all. With a clear mind and a prepared body, you and your horse can take every challenge the ring throws your way.