The Plaid Horse Questionnaire with Brittany Massey

“Bryton and me doing our favorite thing together— playing in the derby ring.” —Brittany Massey

Status: Professional

Program: BTH Equestrians, Sloughhouse, CA 

As a horsewoman, I am most proud of learning to be patient with my horses and adjusting to what they need to succeed and knowing to take the time to allow them to learn. • As a horsewoman, I would most like to improve my time management so I could ride/teach more along with running the farm. • I’d be lost without sunglasses in my tack trunk.The best part about being a horse professional is the barn in the late evenings when the horses are all eating and relaxed, getting to check on them and pet their soft noses and say good night. • My best piece of advice for young riders is watch and listen, a LOT, and try to watch with a very open mind. You’ll learn a lot at the warm up ring or at other people’s lessons. It’s the best free education I’ve ever received.

“So proud of my students and their hard work.” —Brittany Massey

My favorite horse book is Horse Brain Human Brain. I think everyone with horses should have to read it. • My favorite non-horse book is Anything by David Sedaris. • The part of riding I’m best at is being soft with my aids to get the horses lighter and more relaxed. • I’m a sucker for a really pretty dark bay with no white, especially with dapples and a big beautiful eye. • On Mondays, you’ll find me sleeping in a little, reading, snowboarding in winter, and if it’s super hot in the summer, I love to head to the coast for the day. • The horse person I most admire is the late Jimmy Wofford. He was the most educated horseman I’ve ever known and he was an amazingly kind and supportive mentor for many years. • Women in our sport are bad asses, especially those able to do this and have families and really have it all—I admire them a great deal. • One of my greatest show ring victories was the first time my horse Bryton and I completed a derby together and he felt so happy and proud of himself. I’m pretty sure we were fourth or fifth, but it was a victory because he was a bit of a problematic fellow and now he’s just the most lovely and reliable soul. That’s been a big win for me. • One of the best horse names I’ve ever heard is any human name, I like simple, one-word names for the horses! • My absolute favorite show is Thermal at Desert International Horse Park because they have trails and turn outs with grass that my horses just love. • My motto is “It’s fine. Everything is always fine.”

Massey checking the course with her nieces at a schooling show held at her farm