Beste Kredittkort På Dagen: The Best Cards You Can Use Instantly


Holding on to a credit card number you can access immediately can be invaluable in times of urgent financial need or wanting to quickly earn rewards. A few major issuers such as American Express offer instant access, including certain co-branded cards issued.

1. PayPal Cashback Mastercards

The PayPal Cashback Mastercard offers an uncomplicated credit for online shoppers who value a flat cash-back rate with no restrictions or spending caps. There is also no annual fee and your redeemed rewards automatically deposit into your PayPal balance for use.

However, this account lacks many perks and doesn’t provide introductory APRs or welcome offers, making it hard to compete with cards with higher earnings rates in bonus categories and better initial values such as Wells Fargo Active Cash Card or Chase Freedom Unlimited. If you want a more all-rounded rewards credit experience then consider options such as those provided by Wells Fargo Active Cash Card or Chase Freedom Unlimited as they might provide more well-rounded benefits.

A great feature of the PayPal Cashback Mastercard is its 2% cash-back rate on all purchases – this makes for an exceptional rewards rate and is easy to keep track of with no rotating categories and no foreign transaction fee charged by this card.

To qualify for its higher cash-back rate, this account requires having a PayPal account and using their checkout online or QR code when shopping in stores or online. While this requirement limits its usefulness for many cardholders, it makes this account a fantastic choice for people already using PayPal who want to build cash back through retailers they frequent.

Redeeming rewards is straightforward and your cash-back balance updates daily. Furthermore, this card offers the convenient feature of depositing redeemed rewards into your PayPal balance within three days after making purchases – helping you stay on top of your rewards and remain organized!

This card’s credit limit is determined by your relationship with PayPal and does not have an arbitrary maximum. However, its usage can only be applied towards online purchases and those where PayPal is accepted as payment. Unlike many credit cards that use hard inquiries on your credit to determine approval, PayPal’s account doesn’t perform one – making it a safer option for many consumers.

2. Venmo Credit Cards

Venmo marries a popular payment app with traditional credit features. Issued by Synchrony Bank and offering Visa-branded rewards that will be directly deposited into your Venmo balance each month, this account may be an ideal way to streamline how you manage money if you already use Venmo frequently or desire gift cards or statement credits instead.

This credit boasts no annual fee and offers a competitive cash-back rate, offering automatic allocation of top spend categories each statement period and rewarding them with up to 3% cash back; subsequent top spend categories receive 2% back; all other purchases earn only 1% cash back. This feature makes life easier; other cards require you to opt-in at the beginning of each billing cycle to maximize reward earnings – eliminating guesswork!

Another feature of the card that sets it apart from others is that you can make payments with its virtual account number in the Venmo app, making payments without using your physical account if your purchase does not accept account payments or you lose it – although note that there will still be a 3% instant transfer fee applied when using this method of payment.

Notably, this card does not offer a welcome bonus or other sign-up incentives compared to many cash-back cards with similar offerings. That can be a significant detriment compared to many others that provide lucrative sign-up bonuses and intro APR offers. Furthermore, the 3% fee associated with sending money abroad may seem steep; however, having instantaneous funds transfer capabilities between Venmo accounts may save some time in these instances.

If you’re intrigued by this card, the application process for it can be easily completed online or via Venmo app. Application processes are quick and painless – though you will require at least a 670 credit score to qualify for ideal terms; alternative Visa cards still offer good rewards rates without incurring an extra 3% transaction fee.

3. American Express Cards

Typically, credit companies require you to wait until your physical card arrives before using it. But some cards allow you to tap your line of credit right away by providing virtual card numbers you can use online or in person until your physical card arrives in the mail – some even include mobile apps so you can add it directly into your digital wallet!

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card allows you to start spending immediately after being approved online. Your card number will arrive shortly thereafter and can be used anywhere AmEx cards are accepted via virtual terminal (source:å-dagen/) including online shopping or mobile wallet use. Set automatic payments to keep your balance low – plus get up to 6% cash back on everyday purchases plus earn a $250 statement credit after spending $3,000 within six months!

American Express also offers the “Plan It” feature to assist with paying off large purchases over an extended period. The feature can help save you money in the long run; however, keep in mind this should not replace paying your monthly balance in full and avoiding interest charges.

No matter which credit you select, it is crucial that you never exceed what is within your means to repay each month or risk becoming deep in debt that takes years to repay. Many cards offer multiple benefits that help save on groceries, streaming media subscriptions, travel costs and gas purchases – we suggest selecting a card suited to your lifestyle and financial goals in order to maximize rewards that can be earned.

Check out NerdWallet’s top-rated cards to find one best suited to you; our editorial team evaluates coverage options, customer experiences, customizability cost assessments among other criteria when rating them according to our NerdWallet ratings system which ranks cards on such criteria as coverage options, customer experiences customizability cost assessments etc.

4. U.S. Bank Cards

U.S. Bank is an established lender offering various credit cards and checking accounts, as well as customer support via phone and email. Their website contains plenty of useful information regarding fees, documentation requirements, features and customer support availability for cardholders who may have questions. In case they need any support while cardholding with them. U.S. Bank representatives can always be reached by phone or email for general banking support 24/7 for cardholders with inquiries about fees or documentation requirements – providing valuable insight for cardholders with questions.

The U.S. Bank offers a range of credit cards that allow users to both earn cash back and build credit simultaneously, providing instantaneous usage and making your purchases reward you! From secured cards that build credit quickly to those designed specifically to provide rewards on travel purchases – there’s something suitable for every person and travel purchase here.

U.S. Bank offers business credit cards with features designed to benefit small businesses, including cashback and reward points, expense management tools and the capability to track expenses.

Once approved for a U.S. Bank credit card, they’ll send a temporary card number that can be added directly to your mobile wallet immediately and used for both in-store and online purchases. Your physical card should arrive seven to 10 days later so you can access your full credit limit. NerdWallet’s editorial team has reviewed 1,500 offers from US Bank to compile data that ranks them; their rankings are then periodically updated based on these rankings to reflect any recent changes or updates to credit terms.

5. Chase Freedom Credit Card

When approved for an account and want to start shopping right away, waiting can be agonizing – however some card issuers allow their customers to use their new cards even before it arrives in the mail!

Once this occurs, you are provided with a temporary card number and account information that allows you to make purchases both online and in person. Furthermore, you can add this card number directly into digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay; thus limiting data breaches or unnecessary charges on your real credit number.

Card issuers generally send your instant card number via email or their app once approved for a new credit card. However, some cards like Chase Freedom Unlimited provide an unique feature called “Spend Instantly” which enables you to link it with your digital wallet before the physical card arrives in the mail.

WalletHub’s 100-point rating system ranks the Chase Freedom Unlimited card as an exceptional option, offering 1.5% cash back on all purchases without an annual fee and featuring an accommodating rewards program that offers flexible ways to redeem points for statement credits, travel purchases or gift cards.

However, if you tend to misuse rewards or overspend, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card may not be the right fit for you. By maxing out rotating categories each quarter and earning cash back rewards at maximum levels – but be wary as there’s also a 3 percent foreign transaction fee which could reduce earnings over time.