Tommy Berry has been disqualified by Racing NSW for more than 12 months


Tommy Berry, a well-known Australian jockey who is known for his impeccable reputation and flamboyant talent, found himself at the centre of a scandal when he was disqualified for 12 months after it was revealed that he paid $15,000 to another jockey’s mother to participate in a questionable plan. The incident caused widespread outrage in the sporting community, and Berry is now fighting to clear his name. 

Reasons for Berry’s disqualification 

The story came as a real shock to horse racing fans, as Tommy Berry was one of the most successful and talented jockeys. His disqualification for a full year has raised many questions and conversations in the sporting community.

For those out of the loop, Berry’s disqualification came after he was accused of accepting “gratuities” in the form of betting from Zaid Miller, a well-known Gold Coast punter. Racing NSW stewards found sufficient evidence to back up these allegations and impose a full year’s disqualification on Tommy.

The investigation highlighted the problems of horseracing, particularly contracted races and illegal betting. Many fans bet on their favourite jockeys and horses or use no deposit bonuses at to temper their thirst for excitement. But for the athletes themselves, this is unacceptable. Therefore, many were shocked by the outcome of the investigation. 

The scandal also revealed other serious violations on Berry’s part, including keeping a cell phone in various inappropriate places during races, as well as exhibiting behaviour that damaged the image and interest of horse racing. This came as a real shock to many of the jockey’s fans, as Tomy is renowned for his professionalism and impeccable reputation.

The allegations also affected jockey Zaid Miller, who also faced similar charges for his interactions with Berry. The investigation into Tommy and his ties to Miller led to unexpected revelations. It turned out that Miller had paid $15,000 to Berry’s mother so she could rent a house from her son. Allegedly, the money was used to do housework. This suggested that the deal was dishonest and had a hidden agenda.

The trial ended with Berry being found guilty of two charges. One related to accepting the reward and the other to conduct detrimental to the image of racing. 

Tommy Berry pleaded guilty to rule violations and damaged the image of racing by discussing riding tactics with Miller. Interestingly, the disqualification period, originally four months, was reduced to 10 weeks to be served concurrently with the three-month disqualification received for other charges brought against the jockey.