STRIDER Revolutionizes Entry Processes for USEF/USDF Dressage Shows, in Collaboration with PayPal


Edited Press Release

STRIDER, the company behind the popular Strider entry platform for equestrians, announced today that entries are now open on the Strider Entry Platform for upcoming USEF/USDF recognized dressage competitions. These shows include those hosted at the well known venues of Loch Moy Farm, Dunmovin, and Blue Goose Stable LLC.    

This market expansion by STRIDER into recognized shows, following a recent strategic collaboration with a leading payments provider, PayPal,  is anticipated to enhance the rider’s entry experience, providing a modern and seamless transaction, and significantly improve revenue collection throughout the industry.

STRIDER’s software will be used for esteemed dressage competitions like Loch Moy Farm’s Spring Fling Dressage 1 & 2, Dressage at Dunmovin, and Dressage at Blue Goose. These competitions hold recognition from both the United States Equestrian Federation and the United States Dressage Federation, making them crucial stepping stones for riders aspiring to compete on the world stage at events like the Olympic Games, World Cup Finals, and Nations Cups.

“Loch Moy Farm, Dunmovin, and Blue Goose Stables are highly regarded venues in the equestrian sport, and we’re thrilled to streamline their entry and payment processes,” said Tara Swersie, CEO of STRIDER.

“Through the implementation of the Strider Platform, venues can now effortlessly enhance their competitors’ entry experience while also facilitating prompt cash flow for the venue’s operational needs.  This, in turn, frees up show management teams to redirect their valuable time towards ensuring these significant competitions continue to thrive.”

In a successful collaboration last year, STRIDER and PayPal joined forces to develop and integrate “StriderPay,” a secure and innovative payment processing system for equestrian venues, into the Strider Platform.   The capabilities the Strider Platform now offers with StriderPay represent a substantial leap forward in large scale payment processing for equestrian competitions.

“At PayPal, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Strider to bring innovative payment solutions to the equestrian community.  Our integration aims to simplify the entry process for riders and improve collection for venues, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for all involved.  We’re excited to see the positive impact this integration will have on the industry,” Brittanie Webster, Director Customer Success Management, PayPal.

Phyllis Dawson, a member of 2024 Olympic Team Selection Committee for Eventing, a top sport horse trainer and veteran member of the US Equestrian Team, highlighted the significance of the STRIDER and PayPal integration for recognized show entries:  “The STRIDER and PayPal collaboration is a game-changer for the industry. Strider’s streamlined entry and payment process makes incredibly easy for riders to sign up for top shows and quality schooling opportunities, ensuring they are well-prepared for international competitions.”

With a strong commitment to supporting the growth of the equestrian industry, STRIDER continuously offers innovative technology solutions for riders, show venues, and management teams.  

About STRIDER:  Certified by the United States Equestrian Federation to support entries across all disciplines and breeds, STRIDER’s suite of software products enables riders to achieve convenient entry and payment for any horse show, competition, schooling, or industry event.  STRIDER supports over 1.2M equestrians annually with its suite of innovative software solutions. For information about STRIDER’s products and seamless revenue collection in collaboration with PayPal, please visit