Accumulator Betting in Football


Accumulator betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting, with it specifically having significant appeal within football. Many people place accumulator bets each weekend as their country’s league competition takes place. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at accumulator bets, explaining how they work and why they have become so synonymous with football sports betting.

What is a Football Accumulator

A football accumulator, also known as an ‘acca’, is a popular form of sports betting that involves combining multiple selections into a single wager. Enthusiasts are drawn to its potential for significant returns from modest initial investments. In an accumulator, each chosen selection, or ‘leg’, must win for the overall bet to be successful. The appeal lies in the cumulative effect of the odds: as each selection’s odds are multiplied together, the potential payout increases; however, so does the risk. 

Accumulators can encompass various types of bets, ranging from straightforward match outcomes to more complex predictions such as over/under goals or both teams to score. This versatility contributes to their widespread popularity among bettors, who enjoy the opportunity to tailor their accumulators to their preferences and strategies.

However, as we have mentioned, it’s important to recognise that football accumulators also entail significant risk. Given the necessity for every selection to be correct, even a single incorrect prediction can result in the loss of the entire bet. 

How to Place a Football Accumulator

Placing a football accumulator bet is a straightforward process. To begin, it’s essential to do some research on the teams and matches you are considering for your accumulator. This involves analysing factors such as recent form, head-to-head records, and any relevant team news.

Once you’ve completed your research, the next step is to choose the matches you want to include in your accumulator. This decision often involves balancing the potential returns with the likelihood of each selection winning. After selecting the matches, you’ll need to find a reputable bookmaker to place your accumulator bet. It’s essential to choose a bookmaker that offers competitive odds, a user-friendly interface, and reliable customer service. 

Building your accumulator involves entering the stake amount you wish to wager and adding your chosen selections to the bet slip. Most bookmakers allow you to combine various types of bets, such as match winners, over/under goals, and both teams to score, into a single accumulator. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, review your bet slip carefully to ensure everything is correct before confirming your bet.

An Example of a Football Accumulator

Let’s say you’re a football fan with a keen eye for the game. You’ve been following the English Premier League closely and have identified four matches happening over the weekend that you believe will end in your favour. You decide to place a £10 accumulator bet, combining the outcomes of these four matches into a single wager.

Hypothetically, let’s say the odds for each outcome you bet on are 2/1, 3/1, 2/1, and, 4/1, in total, your accumulator will be worth 179/1. If each game results in a correct prediction then you will be awarded with, in this case, £1,800 (using a £10 stake). If one prediction fails, however, your bet will be unsuccessful.

Accumulator Bet Calculator

An accumulator calculator is a tool used by bettors to calculate potential returns and determine stakes for football accumulators. It simplifies the process of calculating potential winnings from combined bets across multiple matches.

Using an accumulator calculator, similar to a matched betting calculator, involves straightforward steps. First, input the odds for each selection or match you plan to include in your accumulator. These odds can usually be found on the website of your chosen bookmaker. Next, enter the stake amount you wish to wager on the accumulator.

The calculator will then compute the potential returns based on the combined odds of all selections and the chosen stake. This allows bettors to see the potential payout if all selections win, helping them assess the risk and potential reward of their accumulator bet.

Additionally, accumulator calculators often provide options to include each-way bets or non-runner scenarios, allowing users to tailor their calculations to specific betting scenarios. Some calculators may also offer features such as each-way terms and dead heat rules to provide more accurate calculations for more complex accumulator bets. Once the potential returns are calculated, users can decide whether to proceed with the accumulator bet or adjust their selections and stake accordingly.

Why are Accumualtors Commonly Used For Football

Accumulators are commonly used for football betting due to several reasons. First and foremost, football is a sport with a wide range of matches taking place regularly across various leagues and competitions worldwide. This abundance of matches provides ample opportunities for bettors to create diverse accumulator bets, incorporating different teams, leagues, and outcomes into a single wager.

Furthermore, football is a sport that generates considerable excitement and interest among fans worldwide. Placing accumulator bets adds an extra layer of entertainment to watching football matches, as each game included in the accumulator contributes to the overall outcome of the bet. 

Finally, the popularity of football accumulators is also fueled by the simplicity of the betting format. Bettors can easily understand and create accumulator bets by selecting their preferred outcomes for multiple matches and combining them into a single wager. This straightforward process makes football accumulators accessible to a wide range of bettors.


As you can see, there are a myriad of reasons why accumulator betting is so popular, not just in football but in wider sports betting as a whole. For those looking for a lower-risk form of betting then we recommend learning more about matched betting, a betting strategy which uses mathematical calculations.

No matter which form of sports betting you decide to undertake, please remember to always gamble responsibly.