Are cryptocurrencies worth investing in?

Cryptocurrencies are relatively new additions to the financial world, but they have nonetheless made an impact on many investors from all over the globe who rush to add digital assets to their portfolios. Part of the reason for the hype is the fact that the market is so changeable, with the prices fluctuating quite a lot, even on a day-to-day basis. But the fact that the cyber coins are also associated with incredibly steep values and prices makes many consider them a veritable gold mine of revenue and it’s not easy to disregard the fear of missing out that comes with such an asset. However, there are also naysayers who are confident that the cryptocurrencies will never amount to much, and that their high prices are the result of pure chance and unstable fluctuations.

According to this view, the simple addition of these assets to your portfolio will do more harm than good and cause you to record losses instead of gains. When you put things into perspective, there’s no denying the fact that cryptocurrencies do indeed come with elevated risks that can be difficult to navigate. But should that be enough to swear you off of them forever, or is there a way to reduce the impact of these risks and use digital currency in order to make your portfolio more diverse?


One of the main reasons why crypto makes for a sound asset is that it offers considerable variety in the form of coins and tokens, but also additional projects and features. This makes for a highly profitable market that is bound to yield revenue, you just have to be mindful of the price shifts and not do anything that is more likely to result in losses instead of gains. One such example of a new asset is the category of the ordinals, tokens located directly on the Bitcoin blockchain and which serve a similar purpose to that of the non-fungible tokens.

Since they are hosted on the leading network, they are safer and more secure, able to provide the investors with a safer trading experience, something that is crucial for a decentralized environment that is not subjected to the authority of any centralized institution. Apart from the Ordinals, the Bitcoin zone has been impacted by the rise of exchange-traded funds as well, an asset class that entered the market on January 10th after a long wait and considerable anticipation on the part of investors.

Its effects were almost immediate, with the prices skyrocketing soon after and the coin reaching a new all-time high level that is expected to get even higher over the following months.


Cryptocurrencies are regarded as more transparent and reliable to use by many investors owing to their decentralization, a feature that has drawn large swathes of the customer base to the trading environment. They provide investors with complete anonymity, something many people desire if they believe the authorities already have too much to say about how they manage their finances. Since crypto is an egalitarian space, it can be used even by those who live in countries or regions affected by the implementation of authoritarian policies and laws. The people living in such areas can be subjected to discrimination, particularly if they work as investigative journalists or activists, and can be unable to access their funds overnight as a result of their activities. Using cryptocurrencies allows people to have a constant stream of income even when dealing with such situations, so they are never in such dire straits.

To guarantee that your own crypto finances are safe, make sure to use a reliable platform such as so that your assets are not at risk of being targeted by scams, security breaches or hacker attacks. Well-known exchange platforms have solid security measures in place since the digital nature of crypto assets makes them highly coveted by cyber criminals who can access and steal them without leaving a trace by exploiting the blockchain’s features. Moreover, if you plan on purchasing or trading large amounts, you should invest in a hardware wallet for storage. Since the device is not connected to the internet, there’s less of a chance that it will become the victim of a hacker attack.


The issue of inflation affects people from all over the world, and several economies are also officially navigating a period of recession while others have only marginally averted it. Bitcoin has been referred to as digital gold by those who use it due in part to its value (a result of its scarcity) and the fact that it can maintain relatively stable value levels over a more extended period of time. This has contributed to it earning a reputation as an inflation hedge. What’s more, when the general economic landscape is performing somewhat poorly, Bitcoin tends to rise and record considerable rallies that help the price climb several times over.

However, you should remember that cryptocurrencies are the most valuable when you hold them for a long time and allow them to grow. Since they’re primarily based on speculation, their ability to act as a hedge is relatively limited and can change depending on the timeframe, which is why it is always important to investigate the market and be aware of the latest trends. They’re the ones that will provide you with a panoramic view of how the market is performing at a given time and how you need to adjust your strategy in order to ensure more revenue.

You should also do your research when it comes to historical data since there are many market movements that tend to repeat themselves over time. While they might not be identical to their predecessors, they will still offer some comprehensive indications of how to behave depending on market patterns and tendencies.

To sum up, investing in cryptocurrencies can be very much worth it, but a lot of it depends on your ability to work with the market’s volatility. If you get the hang of it and are able to understand how things work, you’re very much likely to have a pleasant and profitable experience when dealing with crypto.