5 Books About Horse Riding Practice in 2024

As equestrians, we are in a constant state of learning. Even the top riders in every discipline continually seek training from others and stay updated on the latest developments in the equine world. One trick I swear by is leaving a book in my car. This way, whenever I’m waiting around or have some free time, I can squeeze in some reading on topics that interest me. Selecting the right equestrian fiction to enhance your equine education can be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up an excellent selection of horse-themed reads. Whether you’re into racing, training, or just love these majestic animals, there’s something here for everyone. Imagine purchasing a horseback riding tale today puts you one step closer to becoming a better horse person tomorrow.

1 Complete Horse Riding Manual

There are several “All Purpose” horse books available, but this one stands out as the best, and here’s why:

The book dedicates over 100 pages to beginners, covering the fundamentals of riding. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, it shifts focus toward teaching distinct riding styles and other specific forms of this sport. Brimming with tons of photographs and detailed diagrams along with engaging tasks—this guide thoroughly explains the ins and outs of participating in horse shows. No matter where you are in your journey with horses—whether new or experienced—this resource offers practical guidance that’s sure to enhance your skills and enjoyment along the way.

Notably, it omits a section on horse breeds, which is often included as filler in many other horse books. Sure, discovering all about different horse types can be fascinating. But if mastering the art of horseback riding sounds more appealing to you, then this informative read has got what you need. Are you curious about various types of horses? There are lots of detailed guides out there just for that!

2 40 Fundamentals of English Riding

If you’re looking for a visual guide to enhance your riding skills, 40 Fundamentals of English Riding by Hollie H. Looking for reliable help? McNeil’s got you covered. The pages are filled with valuable insights for learning how to ride better and more efficiently. McNeil, an experienced dressage instructor, not only has extensive expertise but also communicates it effectively. The pages are filled with numerous snapshots depicting distinct riding strategies. For each one illustrated inside these covers—there’s insight into appropriate usage scenarios along with thorough guidance explaining exactly what needs doing and why. If you prefer visuals, check out the related videos—they really bring these points to life. While I initially acquired this book when it was available as a CD, it’s now accessible online. For an early look, watch some of the free content she’s posted on YouTube.

If you’ve got the hang of beginner stuff but aren’t quite advanced yet, this book will suit you perfectly. Complete novices might find the material a bit challenging to follow.

One of the tasks of a good rider is to understand his ward well. Sure, sharing tales from horseback riding will be beneficial. However, addressing the problem fully requires looking at it from multiple angles. For example, you should understand what it means to become an alpha for an animal and how to achieve this. Knowledge comes in many forms and can be gathered from numerous places. Exploring alpha stories novels are a window into other lives and experiences. They let us escape our reality for a bit while exploring new places, meeting different people, and going through adventures without leaving our chairs. If you read free novels online, you can better understand the essence of animals, including proud horses. Another plus of free novels online is a good reason to distract yourself from your everyday worries. You don’t have to stick to horse stories if you want a better bond with your horse.

3 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse and Handler

From veterans in horseback riding to novices owning their initial steed, everyone can benefit from this essential manual that enhances skillsets and reveals more about interacting effectively with horses.

Inside this book, you’ll find all sorts of exercises explained in an easy-to-follow way. Each one has step-by-step directions and pictures that make everything clear. Its standout feature is the portability—take it with you to the barn for hands-on, immediate application with the “Read then Ride” approach, thanks to its easy-to-read format.

4 Centered Riding

The training techniques outlined in Swift’s book aim to develop a more skilled and fluid rider. Emphasizing the importance of knowing one’s own movements, Swift aids riders using unique routines grounded in thorough equine anatomical knowledge. If you’re feeling tense and think it’s affecting your bond with your horse, this book might be just what you need to relax and connect better. Swift has come out with a follow-up called “Centered Riding 2.” If you enjoyed laying down the groundwork in the initial book, you’ll love how “Further Exploration” takes things further by broadening those foundational concepts.

If you are a little tired, try to distract yourself with novels online. Now finding novels on Google Play is easy as pie. You just need to install Fiction Me and the world of novels will be open. With this application, you can read novels online without restrictions and anywhere.

5 The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship, authored by Susan E. Harris, spans three detailed volumes. However, beginners are encouraged to start with the D Level. For those looking to improve their equestrian skills, this set of teachings is considered unbeatable. Though originally designed for pony club members, typically children, the fundamentals presented are essential for anyone involved with horses.

With thorough guidance on horseback riding methods, how to handle your horse correctly, and essential caregiving steps, these resources are incredibly useful. The advice provided breaks down complex techniques into easy-to-follow steps. Though the text is packed with information, pictures and diagrams help make everything clearer. Packed with essential knowledge, people trust the Pony Club program for providing top-notch tools and guidance. Following these manuals will undoubtedly develop your skills into those of a well-rounded horseman.


You don’t have to be physically with your horse to continue your education in horsemanship. Boost your horse knowledge and skills right from home by reading up on all things equestrian. Different strategies can give you the know-how needed for mastering horsemanship. Practice them regularly, and soon enough, you’ll see significant improvements. Picking up a book on horses could completely shift your perspective and the way you connect with these magnificent creatures. Here are some fantastic reading suggestions. Be sure to drop a comment with your top horse book pick!