Brian Morris Makes HITS Home of Thriving Full-Service Auto Repair 

For Brian Morris, being a part of the HITS community has been a way of life ever since he could remember. Morris wandered into his first position at HITS in 1997 and, essentially, never left. Having worked in various different departments, including being part of the team that built the Thermal, California facility, he became a key family member of the team, but eventually found something was missing. 

Morris eventually left his lifetime career at HITS to pursue his passion, cars. After meeting and joining forces with a new business partner, Morris opened his first used car lot and repair shop. Business quickly boomed as they became the repair facility for delivery trucks in operation at the USPS. After building an additional three repair shops throughout the local area, Morris found himself wondering how he could combine his past with his present. 

“It was a natural fit because of the relationship that I still have with the HITS community, both on the customer side and management side,” explained Morris. “We hope that the trust we created while working with them will help them choose us as the ones they trust with their vehicles.” 

Offering full service including pick up, repair, and delivery, while also providing a loaner vehicle, the key emphasis of the collaboration is to not affect the customer’s experience at the horse show. 

“We do everything we can so that you never know the vehicle was even gone,” he adds. “We are working with HITS’ management to come up with a system where that service becomes seamless to the consumer.”

 In addition to the thriving business partnership, Morris’ family continues his legacy at HITS Saugerties with one son already employed at the venue and another excitedly awaiting to start. 

“I know they will get the same great life education that I got,” he affirmed.

If you would like to reach Brian for repairs, please contact (845)416-7496, or let us know of your needs in the show office.