Five Questions with BoneKare Believer Ben Ebeling

Ebeling Benjamin, USA, Indeed FEI World Cup™ Finals Riyadh 2024 © Hippo Foto Media - Dirk Caremans 19/04/2024

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your lifetime with horses?

Growing up in a dedicated equestrian family, I learned to love horses from a very young age. Of course, my parents are some of the best in their profession at developing, caring for, and successfully competing Dressage horses. This mutual love for horses brought them together, and has turned into a very special family business. My father’s career speaks for itself- a 4 time World Cup Finalist, Pan American Games gold medalist, and of course an Olympian. My mother has been in charge of the grooming, health, and care of our horses, as well as managing our barn. Its been my dream to follow in both of their footsteps, while also paving my own path; a few of my achievements include multiple times competing abroad on the USA Young Rider squad, U25 champion, second reserve rider for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic team, and this year my first World Cup Final in Riyadh. However, my love for horses extends beyond competition. I truly love the everyday training and caring for the horses, with their diet being a key component to my training regimen.

 2. How did you learn about Bonekare and what convinced you to try it?

My introduction to Bonekare was through my veterinarian. He spoke very highly of the product, and believed it would make a big difference in our horses. I’m a minimalist when it comes to supplements; I only want to use the select products that truly have an impact, so I gave Bonekare a shot.

3. What differences/improvements have you seen in your horses since starting the product? 

Since introducing Bonekare to my feeding regimen, I have seen an immense difference in my horses. They are stronger, more fit, and have been able to unlock the next level of their peak performance, all while being sound and comfortable.

4. Have you had any horses with specific circumstances that you feel have benefitted from the product?

My World Cup horse, Indeed, struggled for years with her development towards Grand Prix. While she was never truly lame, we often had the feeling she struggled with the recovery aspect of the training, and in the essence of caution and welfare, we took the training very easy. This prevented her from achieving her peak fitness, which correlated to her results in the show arena. After introducing Bonekare to her diet, she has noticeably become stronger in her body (specifically her back and legs), has been able to quickly recover after training sessions, and has been able to access a much higher level of fitness. Bonekare has directly led to our success in the show ring, and has played a big part in Indeed’s continued success.

 I could not be a more firm supporter of Bonekare. This supplement has improved the fitness, health, development, and performance of all of my most successful horses from Young Horse to Grand Prix. The essential vitamins and minerals found in the patented formula are extremely unique- my team of horses and I are proud to be a partner in performance with this excellent supplement. 

  • * all photos courtesy of Ben Ebeling.