America Cryo: A Product Solution For Every Performance Problem

America Cryo’s Best-Known Device: The Subzero Cryotherapy machine

The ORIGINAL subzero localized cryotherapy machine with over 20 years of research and usage. Benefits of Cryotherapy over traditional icing practices: 

  • Liquid co2 thermal shocks the tissue which has greater benefits over just icing. 
  • Can be used to treat more difficult areas that ice boots can’t properly cover. 
  • Is great for horses that often need icing on their feet because it doesn’t require the feet to get wet and therefore runs less risk of hoof issues such as thrush and quarter cracks.
  • Added bonus: Can be used to kill bacteria and speed healing for surface level fungal and bacterial dermal issues. 
  • Loved by Paris 2024 contenders Amy Millar and McLain Ward. 

America Cryo’s Newest Device: The Equine PEMF & Laser

This industry-leading unit combines the widely-known benefits of PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic 
Field Therapy) with advanced laser technology to deliver a double-punch of two incredibly advanced therapeutic treatments. Benefits of this two-in-one revolutionary device include: 

  • Finer grain control over the type of magnetic waves that are delivered.
  • A water-cooled unit that can run indefinitely without running the risk of overheating.
  • Mobile friendly and great for use onsite at clinics, horse shows, racetracks, etc.
  • Increased efficiency. The PEMF will boost the lymphatic system to flush out inflammation and lactic acid quickly, while the addition of the laser will stimulate tissue repair in the areas just treated. 

America Cryo’s Most Popular Device: The Equine Shockwave 

Shockwave therapy is the leading choice of veterinarians, trainers, and therapists to address musculoskeletal disorders and return horses to work within an optimal timeframe. What makes America Cryo’s shockwave device unique? 

  • Because this device uses radial shockwave instead of focal, the waves are broadcast in a different way but the effects are largely the same.
  • Radial shockwave devices are safe enough to be used by the average person with instruction; because of the way the wave is delivered, there is much less risk for misuse.
  • Still creates the micro trauma that shockwave is known for which then stimulates healing in the body. 
  • Loved by Israeli Olympic Show Jumping Athlete Ashlee Bond 

America Cryo’s Soft Tissue Secret Weapons: The Tri Wave Class IV laser, Bi Wave Class IV laser, Quad Wave Class IV laser, and the Super Pulsed 3b Laser 

A laser for every need! America Cryo’s four unique and superior offers are based on individual need. Things to consider when deciding on a laser:

  • All have slightly different power outputs.
  • Bi wave is best for personal or small string use where there are only one to two horses and treatment does not need to be as quick. A perk of this laser is that it can also work for a limited time on battery, making it optimal at shows or events where power is limited.
  • The Tri wave laser jumps from 15 watts to 30 watts of power, meaning necessary treatment time gets cut in half. This is the company’s most popular laser and is the best option for stables of half a dozen horses or more to get treated where time efficiency is more necessary.
  • The Quad wave laser is best in high volume clinical applications or large show barns needing to provide the therapy to a lot of horses in a short amount of time. 
  • The 3b laser is unique in that it is handheld and portable. While it does not have the same power output as a class IV laser, it is great for maintenance during competition and can be used in FEI. 
  • Loved by Irish and Australian International Show Jumpers Andrew Bourns and Sharn Wordley
  • Bonus: America Cryo’s lasers are some of the most affordable on the market!     

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