How to Increase Your Winning Chances in the Next Royal Ascot Races

The Royal Ascot Races are a crown jewel in Britain’s sporting calendar. This prestigious event is graced by the royals and high society due to its storied tradition. There are also multiple opportunities to rake in money through the GGBET UK Sportsbook and other top bookmakers. The races offer countless betting markets, from the jolly favorites to the each-way outsiders.

As the race day approaches, below are easy-to-follow tips to enhance your betting results. These tips are straightforward—no fancy jargon, just solid advice. Follow along as this article guides you through. The aim is to make this year’s Ascot Races memorable and profitable.

Seven Tips From Seasoned Punters

With years of experience under their belt, experts have revealed seven clues for winning at the Royal Ascot. They include the following:

Study the Form

The first recommendation is to review the horses’ performance history before staking. Look for patterns in their wins and losses, distances they excel at, and their performance in different conditions. For example, Bedtime Story may be safer as it has a brilliant history in previous races. Khaadem might have a streak of wins on dry tracks. Consider the jockeys and trainers because their experience and strategies affect the finish line.

Watch the Odds

Monitoring the latest odds can give you insights into what the public and bookmakers think of a horse. Odds change due to many factors, such as form, track conditions, and public sentiment. So follow websites like Racing Post, which offers up-to-date stats and compares odds across the markets. Keep an eye out for odds that seem favourable compared to your analysis. Shorter odds mean the horse will likely win, but the payout will be smaller.

Look for Value

Value betting is about finding horses whose odds are higher than their actual winning chances. This means identifying situations where the public may have underestimated a horse’s chances. For instance, Isle of Jura was a long shot at 16-1 but won the Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot. This performance was unexpected, but the horse showed form in earlier races. When you spot such scenarios early, you get better value for your money.

Be Aware of Track Conditions

The track state also determines how the race ends. Some horses run better on soft turf, while others prefer firm ground. Follow the weather forecast and track condition reports leading up to the day. If the weather will be dry or wet, experts suggest choosing horses that have performed well in similar conditions. Ascot Racecourse provides updates on track state, so you can get accurate information from the official website. Reliable weather forecasting services can also help.

Evaluate Pedigree and Breeding

Understanding a horse’s pedigree can help predict its potential performance. Horses bred from a winning lineage are more likely to succeed on the track. Check out their sire (father) and dam (dam) and how their siblings have performed. A runner sired by a previous Ascot winner may have a genetic advantage. Also, some bloodlines may excel at specific distances or conditions. Such deep research can help discover hidden gems that form or odds may not show.


From experience, focusing on a type or race or bets where you’re more knowledgeable can improve your chances drastically. When you specialize, you better understand specific Ascot betting tips and markets. This insight may give you an edge over most punters. It may not pay off immediately, but consistency will help you.

You can still wager on different markets, from sprint and long-distance to exotic options. But, honing in on a niche may improve the success rate. Some bettors prefer Dutching—where they spread their bankroll on multiple runners. Others may opt for the 80-20 strategy, betting a large sum on a particular niche and the rest on other secondary choices.

Manage Your Bankroll Smartly

Everyone agrees that effective budget management is key to sustainable betting. Allocate an amount for betting and decide on the size of each bet according to your total bankroll. This helps you avoid overspending and weather losses without running out of playing funds. It’s also important to adjust wagers based on odds and potential returns. This ensures you don’t risk too much on high odds while capitalising on beneficial opportunities.


How Advisable Is it to Wager on Dark Horses?

There’s always a number of dark horses going into the tournament. You can’t bet on them all. However, it’s smart to find the most promising of the bunch and stake smartly on it.

Does Form Matter When Selecting a Runner?

Form is a reliable variable when choosing a participant to bet on. Regardless, there’s no guarantee when it comes to betting. So consider other relevant factors like track conditions and odds.

Do Odds Always Tell the Truth?

More often than not, the answer is yes. These numbers can help you find the favorites going into the race with ease. Still, some horses upset the odds. 

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