Balmoral Central

The benefits of Balmoral from anywhere in the world.

Bring the excellence and expertise of Balmoral to your equestrian dream from anywhere in the world. Photo credit: Lindsey Long Photography

At Balmoral the priority is the horse. Understanding the unique needs of each individual is one of the cornerstones of our success.

Through patience and experience we can zero in on what makes each horse tick; tailoring a comprehensive training plan to bring out the best in every one.

Confident horses become winning horses. The same goes for each rider in our program – we work to understand their individual needs, goals and learning style.

Three Student Sections: 

  • Adults 
  • Juniors – 12-17
  • Juniors – 11 & Under 

Perfect for Riders: 

  • Riders who want to learn more about their horse, riding, and care 
  • Riders who want to explore pathways in the sport and industry
  • Horse lovers who are in between horses or laying up a horse 
  • Horsepeople want to meet other dedicated riders all over the country 
  • Riders who seek guidance/consulting from top professionals
  • Conversations about pertinent issues in the sport
  • Discussions on rules and their application to various groups (USEF, NCEA, amateur, etc.)
Balmoral’s reputation for excellence is well earned, helping countless riders and horses reach the pinnacle of equestrian sport. Photo credit: Lindsey Long Photography

Expand your Network: 

  • Introductions within the industry 
  • Invites to in person meet-ups all over the country 
  • Information on Grant, Scholarship, and Internship opportunities 
  • Open office hours with industry experts 
  • Discounts on professional services

Expand your Skills:

  • Weekly readings, emails, & discussions 
  • Monthly branding consult and review 
  • Monthly jump course or show round video review with Carleton Brooks or Traci Brooks
  • Other athletic performance coaching opportunities
Creating champions is a way of life for Balmoral. Photo Credit: Lindsey Long Photography

Priority Status for: 

  • Clinics with Carleton Brooks & Traci Brooks around the country 
  • Openings at horse shows with Balmoral
  • Openings for horses at Balmoral 
Balmoral Central is $1,500 / month billed monthly. New members are welcome anytime. 

American Equestrian School

American Equestrian School: The School for Serious Equestrians

AES is now enrolling students seeking an elite private school experience that allows them to balance their academics with the ability to pursue ambitions outside of the classroom. The AES program is the first of its kind to link a world-class Hybrid Private School tailored to students’ passion for the equestrian world.  AES is now enrolling students grades 6-12 for Fall 2022. Find out how to enroll here.

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