Balmoral Central Program Overview

Balmoral Central stands on four foundational pillars:

  • Access
  • Education
  • Community
  • Horsemanship

Access – Providing equestrians from all over the country and from all different backgrounds with the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Everyone can’t be where the education is, so Balmoral Central will bring the education to everyone.

Education – When we know better, we do better. While this is true throughout life, it is especially so with horses. Education is the key to not only being more successful as riders, but to being better horse owners and stewards of horse sport. Building better equestrians is the ultimate goal, and learning from the best creates a bright future for the horse industry.

Community – Creating connections is perhaps the single most important part of building success as an equestrian. No one can win alone, and Balmoral Central is designed to connect members with mentors and help them learn from accomplished professionals. But the program helps members connect with one another, too, creating a network across the country. Membership encourages meet ups at horse shows and other events to share experiences, encourage mutual learning, and cheer one another on. 

Horsemanship – While riding is a big part of being an equestrian, the core of Balmoral Central’s mission is creating better horse people. Understanding and doing what is best for the horses will always result in better performances at the end of the day, but creating better horse people is also about ensuring a future for horse sport as we know it.