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Guidelines for Freelance Writers and Photographers

Guidelines for Freelance Writers

  • Assignments generally come from editors, though you may also pitch ideas to and CC

  • Writing style: Generally, we strike a conversational, educational tone, though there are certainly exceptions, especially with first-person opinion pieces.

  • Style guide: Please refer to this document (regularly updated) for style questions (ex: showjumping vs show jumping).

  • Length: Generally speaking, try to be efficient in your writing and make each word count. Most articles generally fall between 900 and 1300 words unless otherwise noted or assigned.

  • Results box or quotes to make large on the page are recommended for almost every article and do not count in the overall word count.

  • Sidebar ideas are appreciated!

  • Include high resolution photos with your story along with photo credits. When asking subjects for photos to use, please verify that The Plaid Horse has proper usage rights.

  • Rates: Vary by experience level; to be agreed upon prior to writing.

  • Receiving payments: Send invoice directly to Payments will not be remitted without an invoice. W-9 forms must be sent to prior to your first payment. Payments will be submitted via direct deposit or PayPal, please specify your preference with your W-9. Payment will be remitted within two weeks of receiving the invoice via email. Please follow up if any payment transfer emails occur.

  • Copies of your issue for personal use/to send to clients: Email ahead of the issue’s deadline date to be included in the mailing list. You may request as many copies to be sent to as many places as you need.

Guidelines for Freelance Photographers

  • Images should be crisp and clean. Any grainy or dark images will be declined.

  • A mix of action shots and candids are appreciated. Classic jumping photos are always in style, but fresh takes on candids are also encouraged.

  • Please contact with rate and location information if you are interested in shooting a story for The Plaid Horse magazine.

Guidelines for Unsolicited Artices

  • Send to and CC for consideration.

  • Try to keep unsolicited articles to 500-800 words.

  • Read The Plaid Horse magazine and blog ahead of submitting to get a feel for our style (generally conversational and educational).

  • For more information, please see the Write for Us page.

Guidelines for Unsolicited Photos

Instructions for submitting to Photo Pages can be found here.