Piper Klemm

Educator, Publisher & Equestrian


Piper Klemm is the owner and publisher of The Plaid Horse. Her mission is to educate young equestrians in every facet of our industry and to empower young women in particular to find their voices and stories—and to share them.

She has spent her entire career focusing on education through various channels, including The Plaidcast, North America’s most listened-to horse show podcast; co-authoring the Show Strides book series; and by providing educational articles, grants, and experiential learning opportunities for riders of all ages and levels. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.

Piper lives in Hartford, Connecticut, with her husband, Adam Hill. Adam is a Chemistry Professor at Trinity College. She owns a fleet of lease ponies and competes in the Amateur Hunter divisions with MTM Sandwich.

Piper’s CV is available here.


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Equestrian Pursuits

“I am a lifelong supporter of this sport and, in return, this sport gives me an education that will last my life.”

Piper Klemm


2023 with MTM Sandwich

  • Ledges Sporting HorsesAmateur Owner Hunter 3’3″ Champion
  • Kentucky Horse ShowsAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner

2022 with MTM Sandwich

  • Desert Horse Park CircuitAdult Amateur Hunter Champion
  • Kentucky Horse ShowsAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner
  • Ledges Sporting HorsesAmateur Owner Hunter 3’3″ Champion
  • National Horse ShowAdult Amateur Hunter Classic 7th Overall

2021 with MTM Sandwich

  • Kentucky Horse ShowsAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner

2020 with MTM Sandwich

  • Ledges Sporting HorsesAdult Amateur Owner Champion
  • Kentucky Horse ShowsAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner
  • Desert Horse ParkAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner


  • HITS Desert Mid-CircuitModified Adult Hunters Reserve Champion

2019 with MTM Sandwich

  • Kentucky Horse ShowsLow Adult Hunter Class Winner
  • Ledges Sporting HorsesAdult Amateur Hunter Chamption
  • Minnesota Harvest Horse ShowAdult Amateur Hunter Class Winner

2018 with Sundae

  • HITS Circuit Reserve ChampionDesert Adult Hunters
  • HITS Coachella VIChampion Thermal Adult Hunters
  • HITS Mid-Circuit ChampionDesert Adult Hunters
  • HITS Coachella IVChampion Desert Adult Hunters
  • HITS Coachella III – Reserve Champion Desert Adult Hunters
  • HITS Coachella IIReserve Champion Desert Adult Hunters

2017 with Sundae

  • Maryland Horse & Pony ShowChampion Child/Adult Hunters 2’6″
  • HITS Coachella IVChampion Thermal Adult HuntersChampion Desert Adult Hunters


In addition to a history of winners at top venues such as USEF Pony Finals, Piper Klemm and Emily Elek of Stonewall Ponies, always have an immense selection of the top quality pony hunters in the country available for sale or lease. For more information and current sales list, please view the current Stonewall Farms sales list here.


Show Strides
Co-authored with Rennie Dyball

Book 1: School Horses & Show Ponies
Tally Hart loves riding in the lesson program at Quince Oaks. But when a new trainer arrives with his student, Mac, and her pony hunter, Joey, Tally will be introduced to a whole new world of horse shows. With the extra saddle time she earns working at Oaks, Tally takes advantage of every ride she gets, from school horses to show ponies.

Book 2: Confidence Comeback
Tally Hart just went to her first A-rated show with her new trainer at her barn, Quince Oaks–and it was a competition that she’ll never forget. But back at home, the working student and newly-minted catch rider faces and uncertain future. Will she get to keep riding sales ponies? Go back to lessons on the barn’s school horses? Meanwhile, her good friend Mac Bennett is finding her own footing in the medium pony hunter division and working toward the biggest show goal either rider could imagine.

Book 3: Moving Up and Moving On
After a successful trip to Devon, the Field Ridge team returns home to Oaks for the summer, where life at the barn is as busy as ever. A jumper rider named Jacob and his horse Carlo begin trailering in for lessons with trainer Ryan, and the girls learn that being a boy in the sport has its own unique challenges. Tally and Goose are improving with each show, and Mac struggles with body confidence as they head toward their big summer finale, Pony Finals.

Book 4: Testing Friendships
As an eventful summer draws to a close, the Oaks riders focus on their goals for the fall. Tally gets the ride on her first project horse, Mac looks to build on her success from Pony Finals, and newcomer Maggie joins Ryan’s Field Ridge team as she looks for a horse or pony of her own. But one moment of carelessness in the ring will change everything for all three girls.

Book 5: Packer Pressure
It’s a time for new beginnings at Quince Oaks. Tally gets noticed for her hard work and catch-riding, landing her a free lease on a packer named Cameron. Elsewhere in the barn, Tally’s best friend Mac is surprised by the transition from Joey to a new partner for the Large Pony Hunters, and Maggie’s parents buy her a horse of her own. But once Tally and Maggie get into the show ring, they find unexpected struggles. Tally has to deal with the stress of the “perfect packer,” while Maggie’s move to a more sensitive, tricky horse makes her question her ability-and her place within the barn.

Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation: Develop a Winning Style

Piper penned the Note to the Reader in the new edition of Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation: Develop a Winning Style

Author visits

Piper is available for author visits throughout the school year.

She speaks to elementary and middle school students to focus on the ongoing middle grade novel series, Show Strides. Piper also speaks to high school students about her extensive career in media and publishing—Publishing The Plaid Horse magazine, several equestrian themed books, and as Host of The #Plaidcast podcast. 

Presentations include a book reading, Q&A, interactive exercises, and/or writing prompts, depending on the age group. A book sale can also be set up to coincide with the visit.

Please contact Piper directly for rates and more information.