Saturday, December 14, 2019
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30 days of IG Story Mentions


30 days of IG Story Mentions on The Plaid Horse Instagram (@theplaidhorsemag)

  • 77.8k followers and growing 
  • Instagram Stories can be linked to web pages
  • The best way to get your product directly in front of consumers


Have Direct Links to Specific Products Directly to Your Customers!

TPH Super Special – $499 for 30 days of TPH Instagram stories!

On Instagram stories, TPH posts links to specific products (4-20 per day) that customers can swipe up and directly shop that product. For our apparel and retail advertisers, they have seen great success selling sale or lesser known products in their collections, selling brand new sales horses or one of a kind products, or directing traffic and sales to their classics.


  • The Plaid Horse Instagram – 77.8k followers 
  • Average 850,000 – 1,250,000 impressions / week
  • Average clicks – 30-150 per posted story
  • You provide (super easy!): 
  • 1-7 Direct links of product(s) you want to promote 
  • Up front payment of $499
  • You receive: 
  • 30 Instagram stories – 1/day for 30 days
  • 30 Screenshots of your stories posted

Please book today if you’re interested – slots are limited and this pilot program will leave introductory pricing March One week (7 day) option available for $149.