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Show Strides: Confidence Comeback


Book 2 of Show Strides

Step into the captivating world of Show Strides, where two young horseback riders, Tally and Mac, learn important lessons at their stable: Quince Oaks. Their unique paths converge, forming a heartwarming friendship as Tally delves deeper into the world of catch riding and competitions, and Mac confronts the challenges of moving up a level. With the support of their trainer and fellow barn friends, these riders embark on their dreams one stride at a time.

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Show Strides is a middle-grade series that immerses readers in the thrilling world of riding, horsemanship, and the special connections formed with animal friends and fellow horse enthusiasts. Tally, a diligent working student, is working on refining her riding skills with the stable’s school horses when she meets Mac, a new girl with big dreams who is pushing herself to improve alongside her trusty pony. As Tally tries to work hard to impress the new coach and prove she can take things to the next level, Mac prepares for more professional shows. Together, with their new trainer, they’ll work toward their own goals, these girls will learn more about each other, themselves, and what it takes to chase their dreams and work for them, too.

This series is a fresh and modern take on equestrian stories. Dealing with major issues like friendship, body image, socio-economic status, and self-esteem, readers of Show Strides will find characters who mirror their passion for hoses and the challenges that come along with the sport. Join Tally, Mac, and the rest of their friends as they navigate the exciting world of equestrian competition!

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