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With Purpose: The Balmoral Standard




Carleton Brooks and Traci Brooks share their decades of knowledge, expertise, and winning ways in their first book, With Purpose: The Balmoral Standard. Carleton is a widely respected horseman, a large “R” judge, and member of the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame, and Traci has spent more than 30 years developing horses and riders, guiding them to victory at the biggest shows in the country.With Purpose is divided into three sections: On Horsemanship, On Training, and On the Industry. In each section, you’ll uncover a wealth of information gleaned from Carleton and Traci’s careers. They will also walk you through…

• Analyzing and refining your stalls and
turnout to best care for your animal
• Why horses gravitate to certain people
• Why going forward solves most riding
• The rider’s four bases of support
• Detailed notes and suggestions for
flatwork and jumping exercises
• Demystifying “The Distance”
• Coping with show nerves
• Showing through the judges’ eyes

With “CB” and Traci’s signature wit and warmth, With Purpose provides
foundational equestrian education from the ground up.

Available in Paperback.


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