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Summer Grace

Summer Grace

With a passion for press coverage, videography, photography, and more, Summer Grace is your go-to for everything promotion and advertising, content, and strategy. Involved in riding and horse care since the young age of seven, and enveloped in the family business of video production from even earlier on, Summer has long studied and reimagined the role of marketing and media in the equine space.
As a child, her free time often consisted of creating and editing content just for her own entertainment. It comes as little surprise, perhaps, that she would go on to pursue a degree in multimedia journalism at Florida Atlantic University. Following her graduation in 2017, she began building dynamic relationships with some of the equine industry’s top agencies, including Jennifer Wood Media, Phelps Media Group, and EQMedia, all while fostering connections to her own clients.

In 2021, Summer officially launched Flaxen Mane Media. With an eye for capturing unique content and extensive experience in all things equestrian, her work through the firm brings a fresh public image solution to brands and businesses throughout the East Coast and beyond.