Look Between Your Horse’s Ears: More Than Just a Saying



Many times, my trainers preached to “Look between the ears” or “Look where you are going next, not down at his head.” I always thought they just wanted to get me to stop looking down, which throws us off balance, but as I took in the view before we started off along the gallop track I realized “Look between the ears” has more meaning than just my position.

On the back of my horse, I took in the amazing world I get to experience. All the feelings I get to feel come from this view. All of the things in life that I could never image come from this saddle, looking straight through my horse’s perked ears. Looking through his ears means peace, new adventures, love, friendship, and a touch of the future.

Photo © Blue Ribbon Photography by Kayla Cardinal

We stood still, taking in the moment. How beautiful the world is that I hardly take the time out to really sit down and enjoy. The grass is bright, the spring air flows all around, and for once the world is quiet. Not one person around me asking me for 100 different things. Not one nagging text or call trying to get my attention, not one thought of social media taking my attention away.

In this saddle looking through those semi large ears, I can enjoy a quiet world where I can enjoy the lazy afternoons of summer, and the simple beauty of the world around me. It isn’t often I take the time out of my day to meditate. This is as close to meditating as I will probably ever come.

This time allows me to really reflect on my life, my goals, and spare a minute for some much needed self-love. Self-love is more than just going for a mani/pedi (though I could really use one after spending time at the barn). For me, it’s personally is taking time to do things I love like riding, grooming, and getting to have a little fun with no pressure.

Photo © Country Flame Photography

Nine times out of ten when I ride I’m preparing for a show. Everything is training related. Even though I love to show and work towards goals, sometimes I get so caught up in prep that I forget this is a special bond between my horse and I.

A horse has become my friend a partner. I know that Cruz will be there for me as much as he can. It’s moments like these, when I’m looking between the ears and appreciating how lucky I am to participate in this sport, that we both feel a connection. I notice just how stunning he really is—mind, body and soul.

Between his ears I have witnessed new places, met new people, and surrounded myself with blessings and opportunities beyond imagination. I have seen multiple venues, and I am sure I will see a multitude more before our lives are complete.

Photo © Andimes Photography

Because of those ears, I have met amazing women and men from all walks of life. From horse trainers to surgeons and back to young kids, they all have been brought into my life because of this view. Some of my closest friends and idols growing up I met through horses.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing women. Incredible, strong women who are as different as the kinds of horses you can find, but the thing we all have in common is the indescribable feeling you get looking through your horse’s ears. We all understand that sense of peace that comes over you and the joy you feel as you sit on your horse as well as watch someone else make progress with their own.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Skubal

My two horses are my best friends. They have seen the best and the worst of me. They have both (politely) dumped me from their backs, and taken the best care of me. The view between their ears gives me peace, love, friendship, and most importantly—faith in the future.

Jamie is a horse obsessed girl who is taking on the world with her youngster. Follow along with her on her journey in chasing the world show on Instagram.