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The Plaid Horse Media Kit

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Sample Issue of The Plaid Horse Magazine

About The Plaid Horse

The Plaid Horse was founded in 2003 to serve the equestrian community. In the past year, distribution has included over one thousand horse shows, clinics, events, scholastic and collegiate competitions, and more. Fall 2021 has included: Maryland 5 Star, Pennyslvania National Horse Show, Blenheim Equisports, Capital Challenge Horse Show, and The Las Vegas National Horse Show.


The Plaid Horse is a print, audio, and digital publishing company* providing exceptional coverage for the hunter/jumper/breeding disciplines at reasonable rates. We support equestrian competitors, horse fans, the general public, and suppliers to the industry through horse show and event coverage, equine articles of interest, advertisements, and our horse show podcast.

*The Plaid Horse is proudly printed in the USA.


All competitors in rated horse shows are members of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). Using USEF market research, these participants are part of an upscale market. Hunter/jumper competitors are well educated, have high disposable income, and have time to use it in pursuit of their passions. The horse industry is a thriving complex market with a direct economic effect of $122 billion per year in the United States. Three million people in the United States own horses and another 13 million are involved in the horse industry. Our readers travel frequently, patronize upscale hotels and restaurants, invest in their passion and their children’s interests.


The Plaid Horse Magazine is distributed at horse shows (rated, unrated, and intercollegiate), hunter/jumper association events, and clinics across the United States and Canada. Retail tack shops, feed stores, and barns provide additional distribution venues. This year The Plaid Horse will publish 9 issues with a circulation minimum of 10,000 printed copies per issue and an estimated readership of 125,000 per issue.

The Plaid Horse is the go-to magazine for everyone at the horse show. There is quite a bit of downtime at horse shows and The Plaid Horse is there for trainers, riders, spectators, and owners. With over 2,500 + recognized shows in the United States annually, The Plaid Horse selects the local and rated shows with the greatest value for readers and advertisers.

Digital Media & Podcast

Rounding out the magazine is the digital side of things – website, podcast and social media.

    • Each full issue is available for free on Facebook and on via
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    • Proudly printed in the USA!

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“I will say this: No matter where I go, whether it’s the East Coast or the West Coast, The Plaid Horse is proudly displayed at every show I go to. They do not miss a beat!” — CYNTHIA BREWSTER-KEATING, National Sales Manager, Sponsorship and Marketing Director and Arena Builder Liaison for GGT-Footing

“In the age of digital media, we’re now able to give people more access to information. Before this, it would be hard to connect with a top trainer or to get information; you’d have to sit by the mailbox and wait for the magazine to come weekly or monthly. Now, it’s instantaneous. In writing “Ask Andre,” I want to share my experiences and at this point in my career, my knowledge. I want to be accessible and encourage people to seek out the higher levels of this sport and be all that they can be. “Ask Andre” and The Plaid Horse have been great for that.” — ANDRE DIGNELLI, Owner and Head Trainer at Heritage Farm

“I have been reading The Plaid Horse for 18 years.  In addition to having “it’s pulse” on our industry, I love being introduced to new people at ALL levels of our sport through the coverage and articles in this magazine. Keep up the good work!” — BILL RUBE, New Jersey

“I also wanted you to know how impressed people are when we mail them the magazine copies.  The quality of the magazine is so impressive, and everyone is so filled with joy when they read your article and see the choice of photos. You’re touching many hearts!” — DIANE TIMPANY

“I loved advertising with The Plaid Horse! Amazing writing and beautiful layout of our company’s story! They were so patient as I went through detailing the founding and growth of our company. It was as important to them as it was to me that we got it right!  It’s an amazing publication run by a group of people who love horses and want to create a quality product! Their dedication to excellence is reflected in the quality of their work!” — KIMBERLY ROGERS, owner & founder of Piccoli Horses

“I was totally impressed with the quality and effectiveness of The Plaid Horse’s ad placement – I had immediate positive quality feedback with my e-blast and 1/4 page ad after the months I spent wasted in other formats.” — DR. JOSHUA B. HALL, DVM, Owner, Anacapa Equine, Inc., Southern California

“The Plaid Horse was so easy to work with making the process of producing content and artwork less overwhelming. The Plaid Horse understands the modern reader, creating and producing useful and meaningful information in a user friendly format.” — JOCELYN KIVORT, Owner, Arista Equestrian, New York

“I have really seen great results from the Instagram advertising. I am very happy with the increase in traffic & will definitely do more advertising again in the future!”
– MICHAEL TOKARUK, Trainer, Tokaruk Show Stables, Collierville, Tennessee

“I know our advertising in The Plaid Horse works extremely well because there is very rarely a day that goes by that someone doesn’t say, ‘I saw you in The Plaid Horse.’ From California to New England, Florida, and both coasts of Canada, new clients call in from seeing my ads in every issue. If you are considering advertising yourself, your program, your horses, and more to a national audience, I would tell you that if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck and to reach the most potential customers, The Plaid Horse is the place for you!”
– EMILY ELEK, Stonewall Farm, Ixonia, Wisconsin

“Our partnership with TPH has really been invaluable – from exposure to making new industry contacts to growing our business exponentially – it’s certainly our wisest business move yet!”
– ANDREW RYBACK, Owner, Andrew Ryback Photography, Carpentersville, Illinois

“Advertising in The Plaid Horse is a comprehensive experience – TPH makes sure HorseWorks Insurance is out there in print, online, and on social media, as well as discussed and promoted at horse shows. There’s no better or more cost efficient way to spend advertising dollars – our message is spread across a large number of forms of media.”
– BRENDAN TETRAULT, Agent & Founder, HorseWorks Insurance Specialists LLC


“This podcast quickly became one of my most listened to. I’m so appreciative of the time and effort that goes into thoughtful content on a broad range of topics. Thanks for making it so easy to stay up to date with our sport and in such an engaging way.”- 5* review on iTunes

“I absolutely love this podcast! I have recently reentered the horse industry after taking a few year hiatus, but this podcast has helped me dive right back in. An informative tool that is playful and enjoyable. 10/10 recommend!” – 5* review on iTunes

“Tonya Johnston does a great job with this podcast. She is insightful, positive and knowledgeable about mental skills applied to equestrian sport. Tonya’s guests are frequently renowned professional horse people who have a particular interest in mental skills.” – 5* review on iTunes

“By far the best equestrian podcast out there. The guests, the questions, the conversations and the hosts create the most informative episodes! I look forward to the new episodes each week!” – 5* review on iTunes

“Happy listener for over one hundred episodes!” – 5* review on iTunes
“The Plaidcast episodes are so great for anyone, of any level of knowledge of the horse world to learn more. There is so much information to take away from each episode, and each episode is different. It’s really great to be able to learn from people in the industry with different perspectives.” – 5* review on iTunes
“The Plaidcast is super informative and has no qualms about controversial topics. Ive become a better equestrian because of the insight I’ve gained on mental health, ongoing “hot-topics,” advice from the best in our sport, and more from the Plaidcast. Definitely worth listening to all of the episodes!” – 5* review on iTunes

“The best equine podcast! Especially for moms who are trying to navigate the Equestrian industry for their kids. Loads of useful information.” – 5* review on iTunes