Real Ribbon Displays to Get Inspiration for Showcasing Ribbons in Your Home

Special ribbon boxes make colorful accent furniture for your home. Plus, they give plenty of room to stack piles of glorious satin.

Submitted by Shayne Mackey
Submitted by Sarah Schuping
Submitted by Kristina McCombie

But you don’t have to get expensive furniture for this look. Check out this Target lantern that’s now loving new life showcasing ribbons.

Submitted by Kristin Spaulding

Or you can utilize glass jars to showcase your ribbons and decorate throughout your house.

Submitted by Christy Michelle
Submitted by Rennie Dyball

A ribbon wreath is not just for the holidays! These works of art are perfect to hang over doors, entryways, or any area of your house that needs a pop of color.

Submitted by Tiffany Pace
Submitted by Murfee Woodall
Submitted by Murfee Woodall
Submitted by Jenny Zonghetti

You can always take a DIY approach. This Pony mom took a frame from goodwill, spray painted it gold, and added rows of wire to fill with beautiful ribbons from her daughter’s horse shows.

Submitted by Sarah Schuping

Or you could attach rosettes to the frame of a mirror for a one of a kind accent.

Submitted by Susie Archer Baker

Placing special ribbons over special furniture makes for a unique equestrian statement in your home.

Submitted by Victoria Bilden Collins
Submitted by Stephanie King
Submitted by Kendall Meijer

Shadow boxes are the perfect way to memorialize the memory of a special day.

Submitted by Liz Tarumianz
Submitted by Amie Graham

Or go all out with ribbon wallpaper, and secure your ribbons with thumbtacks for a colorful accent wall.

Submitted by Stephanie King

Ribbon quilts or wall hangings are a classic choice.

Submitted by Lisa Cowan
Submitted by Karen Ligenfelter Howey

When it’s time for the holidays, ribbons make great accents for the Christmas tree!

Submitted by Kim Marvel Harrison

Another cool DIY is this ribbon rack, created from dowels and an old rein.

Submitted by Carly Starkey

Ribbon racks come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all a great way to display ribbons!

Submitted by Mary Jeane Mattell

You can’t forget the classic—stringing up ribbons across a room. It certainly takes on a different effect when you have this many ribbons!

Submitted by Shari Hanania-Director

Sometimes it’s all in the special arrangement and placement.

Submitted by Kendall Meijer
Submitted by Eva Linke

As long as there are horse show ribbons, there will be many different great ways to share these accomplishments!