Golden Oldies: Truly Noble and Northwind Just Josh’N Reaffirm That Age Doesn’t Have to be a Limiting Factor

Truly Noble and Shiloh Roseboom. Photo by Luke Cohen

At the 2021 Desert Circuit, we’ve found the Fountain of Youth—at least, a few ponies have.

Truly Noble and Northwind Just Josh’N’s combined ages are 47. But their results say they’re still well within their prime.

Truly Noble, 24, was division Champion of the Medium Pony Hunters during Week 2, jumping Shiloh Roseboom to the tricolor. This pair also took home top honors in the $500 Pony Classic, open to ponies of all heights—and ages!

Northwind Just John’N, just a year younger at 23, was Reserve Champion of the same division a week prior at Desert Circuit I with rider Madeline Luddy. “Josh,” at just 13.0 hands, is a small medium, making this pony a big fan of breaking stereotypes in pony hunter sport.

Cheers to these ponies for reminding that when happy and healthy, age really is just a number!