Want to Be Like Beezie? Follow the ‘Madden Method’

There’s no question Beezie Madden is one of the sport’s most revered figures. And a question she has undoubtedly been asked more than once is, What’s your secret?

She doesn’t reveal them all—and there’s a high likelihood that a bit of natural ability and some special horses have a lot to do with her success—but she and her team at John Madden Sales in Cazenovia, NY and Wellington, FL share some insight into their program in their popular video series, “The Madden Method.”

After a brief hiatus, the series returned with the onset of the 2022 winter season in Wellington.

Get refreshed with some highlights:

The Madden Method of Cleaning Tack


Basic Hoof Care

Feeding Program and Process

Leg Position


Gymnastics at Home

To view all the Madden Method videos, visit John Madden Sales’ YouTube page.