Trust Your Horse’s Gut — Not What’s Trendy

Nothing matches the job of caring for horses, but it doesn’t come without stress. Stress can create so many challenges for horses. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of active horses experience gastric discomfort, affecting their health, attitude and performance. Common activities like stall confinement, exercise, transportation and weaning are known to cause stress and gastric discomfort. Purina Animal Nutrition has a team of PhD Equine Nutritionists that wanted to find a way to address this stress through nutrition. After years of researching ingredients and formulas, they found a key ingredient in Europe. In 2017, they introduced the revolutionary Purina® Outlast® Supplement.

Today, there are many “latest and greatest” digestive support supplement on the market, but those supplements might not be the greatest for your horse. Purina® Outlast® gastric support supplement is thoroughly researched and horse approved to support gastric health and proper pH. During in vitro research, this supplement acted quicker, lasted longer and outperformed other products.

Put Supplements Through a Test R.I.D.E.

Ideally, when you buy a horse you take it for a test ride. Similarly, you should put your supplements through a test before buying them. Purina Animal Nutrition created the Test R.I.D.E. evaluation process to help you determine which supplements are best for you and your horse. Simply compare four key areas – Research, Ingredients, Dose and Efficacy – to see how competitors stack up to Purina® Outlast® supplement:

Science + Love. Helping Horses Thrive

Purina Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the scientific method, but it can’t capture the feeling of seeing a horse reach their full potential. It takes science and love to help your horses live their best life. Put their research to the test at

Works Faster, Acts Longer

Not All Marine-Derived Calcium Sources are Created Equal

The seaweed-derived calcium in Purina® Outlast® supplement better supports proper pH than marine-derived calcium found in other products. Competitors can’t even label their calcium the same as Purina because it is different. Purina® Outlast® ingredient performs differently. Research shows it has a higher overall ability to neutralize acid in your horse’s gastric environment than marine-derived calcium.

Right Ingredients, Right Amount, Right Serving Size

More ingredients doesn’t mean better. Ingredients only work when they are added at the right amount. When the serving size is similar, more ingredients mean there is less room for every ingredient. There’s no fluff in Purina® Outlast® supplement — it has the ingredients your horse needs for optimal gastric support, formulated at the right levels for the serving size.

Purina Animal Nutrition is dedicated to helping horses live their best life. Visit to learn more about Purina® Outlast® supplement, find your local Purina retailer or connect with Purina Customer Service.