Have More Good Years With Your Horse With Purina® Equine Senior®

Purina is years ahead in senior research so you can have more good years with your horse. When our equine partners and trusted companions reach their golden years, their nutritional needs change. Maintaining good health requires consistent and complete nutrition, especially when their dental condition deteriorates and they can no longer effectively chew hay or pasture. Equine Senior® horse feed is carefully balanced with built-in hay to provide fiber that is easy to chew and digest to help meet the aging horse’s nutritional needs and support good health for years to come and is backed by unparalleled research and years of supporting the unique needs of horses as they age.

Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed addresses the special needs of aging horses. It includes ActivAge® Prebiotic Technology to support optimal immune function, mobility and appropriate metabolic response in aging horses. With Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement, it also supports your horse’s gastric health and comfort. The proprietary Amplify® High-Fat Nugget provides multiple sources of fatty acids including stabilized rice bran, flaxseed, and vegetable oils to help support body condition, shine and bloom. Easy Soak™ pellet technology, which can create a mash in five minutes with warm water, makes it easy to chew and swallow for horses with dental problems or missing teeth. Because Purina® Equine Senior® horse feed is easy to chew and highly digestible, even a horse with poor teeth or loss of body condition can benefit from it.

Trust the future for your old friend to the #1 equine vet recommended senior horse feed. Put our research to the test at purinamills.com/equinesenior