Plaidcast 365: Stella, Juliette & Clara Propp and Randi Heathman by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services

Plaidcast Episode 365 Stella Propp Juliette Propp Clara Propp Randi Heathman


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Piper speaks with a family of three equestrian sisters, Stella, Juliette & Clara Propp, who compete in the hunters and jumpers at the top level while also balancing school. Education Consultant Randi Heathman also joins to talk about how she helps equestrian students and their parents navigate the college application process. Brought to you by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services. Listen in!


  • Host: Piper Klemm of The Plaid Horse Magazine
  • Guest: Stella Propp is a 21 year old amateur rider from New York, NY and a student at Brown University. She trains with Brianne Goutal and co. Currently, she is juggling the pressures of the upcoming competition season and attending a prestigious university that has its demands.
  • Guest: Juliette Propp is 18 years old from New York, NY and previously competed in the junior jumpers, trained by Brianne Goutal and Co. She has stepped back from competing indefinitely to devote her time to her first year at Yale University. 
  • Guest: Clara Propp is a 16 year old junior rider from New York, NY. She trains with Brianne Goutal and co. She is preparing for her upcoming winter in Wellington while also managing the work during her junior year at Grace Church High School. 
  • Guest: Randi Heathman has spent twenty years working in higher education as an admission counselor, equestrian program director, and now as an educational consultant who specializes in helping prospective college equestrians find their right fit school. Randi is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Working one on one with students and their families, Randi helps walk them through the college search, application, and selection process with an eye on balancing a student’s academic and riding goals to truly give them a leg up on the process. You can find Randi in our upcoming Education issue of The Plaid Horse Magazine.
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  • Photo Credit: Shawn McMillen Photography & Giana Terranova Photography
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